Stafford overcomes stiff handicap

In Round 4 of the Baker Tilly Corporate Squash league, DMS, S&M Mixed Breed and UBS were all successful.  

DMS overcame KPMG Kobras with an emphatic 4-1 match victory, gaining 11 points from a maximum 13 available.  

The A string was the tightest match of the tie. KPMG’s Erik Fell took a 2-0 lead against the experienced Neil Stone-Wigg, only to be reeled in over the next three as Stone-Wigg craftily worked the younger Fell around the court. 

S&M Mixed Breed dominated Harmonic Hitters 4 matches to 1. The ace for Harmonics was professional player Cameron Stafford’s performance against fellow Cayman representative Myron Blair. 

To even the match, Stafford had a points handicap of 6 for the first game, which he won 11-6. In the second game, the score started at 0-7 and went to a tie break, which Stafford won 12-10. The third started at 0-8 and also ended in a tie break; again the result went in Stafford’s favor.  

UBS has pulled out two solid performances recently, this time attaining 12 points from the Directors. All four singles matches went UBS’s way, but they couldn’t clinch the doubles for a clean sheet. 

Thursday’s tie will see S&M Mixed Breed face DMS. 


Cameron Stafford was in dominant form. – PHOTO: RON SHILLINGFORD

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