Water supply upgrades continue on Cayman Brac

Work on laying a new pipeline in Cayman Brac resumed Monday as upgrades to the island’s water supply continue.

Over the next eight months, the Water Authority plans to install about 3 miles of pipe, covering the area between Cross Road and West End Primary School and all developed side roads in between, according to a statement released by the Authority on Tuesday.

Since November of last year, the Water Authority has installed 2 miles of new water main and upgraded 1 mile of existing water main on the Brac.

“The new pipeline will ensure that the Water Authority can deliver piped water efficiently and reliably to more customers,” said Water Authority Deputy Director Tom van Zanten.

At the same time, the authority is increasing production at its desalination plant to meet growing demand – part of a 10-year plan to expand water infrastructure in the Sister Islands.

Water Authority Board Chairman Lemuel Hurlston said, “We are confident that these infrastructure development works will offer employment opportunities while expanding the services to residents and businesses in Cayman Brac and ultimately to Little Cayman.”

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