Burglars strike Cayman Islands Cancer Society again

For the third time in two years, burglars on Wednesday broke into the Cayman Islands Cancer Society next to the Cayman Islands Hospital. 

The early morning break-in followed a busy night for the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service. Police said there were four other burglaries overnight in George Town and West Bay. 

CCTV footage from the Cancer Society shows two masked men wearing gloves, walking around the outside of the building for 10 minutes before using a crowbar to force their way through the front door. The men spent about 30 seconds in the office while the alarm sounded.  

They first tried to pry the alarm panel from the wall and then rifled through desks and cabinets, the CCTV footage shows. The robbers did not make off with anything of value, said Jennifer Weber, operations manager of the Cayman Islands Cancer Society. 

“I want to leave a sign that says, ‘We don’t have anything to steal,’ except for maybe Christmas cards and hand sanitizer,” said Ms. Weber.  

In December 2012, thieves broke into the building and stole more than $400 in cash. Most of that money came from Christmas cards designed St. Ignatius Catholic School students for the organization. After the robbery, the Caribbean Utilities Company installed two street lamps to help keep the area lit at night. 

In February 2013, thieves again broke into the Cancer Society, disabling the security system and stealing a safe that had been bolted to the floor. 

Ms. Weber said the Cancer Society has CCTV cameras running at all times and an alarm system. She said staff always deposit cash in the bank and don’t keep any in the office.  

“I don’t want the community to feel like if they give us $5, somebody will steal it,” she said. 

“The only reason we raise money is so we can help people,” Ms. Weber said, adding that the organization has gone from helping 11 patients needing financial assistance four years ago to helping 100 this year. 


The Cancer Society has several CCTVs on its premises, which caught footage of the burglars. – PHOTO: CHARLES DUNCAN


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