Online poll: Most would just pay the price for trash collection

The majority of respondents to last week’s online poll would simply pay the price if there were a charge for trash collection. 

Of the 422 total respondents to the one-week poll, 241, or 57.1 percent, said they would just pay the price.  

“In the case where [trash collection is] privatized, then hopefully the cost is regulated by the government to ensure individuals can afford the fees and the environment is still kept clean and safe,” said one person. 

“We absolutely would pay and we have greatly reduced our waste by recycling already,” said another person. 

“Yes I will pay,” said someone else. “We paid before, and would pay even more if we are assured twice a week collection, and pay extra to solve country’s waste/dump problem.” 

“I have paid for garbage collection in past years,” commented one person. “I don’t know why this should be a free service.” 

“It’s a needed service and government cannot afford to pay for it,” said another person. 

“I would only pay if there was a fully regulated recycling, alternative disposal and waste management service being offered,” said someone else. “I want the biggest return on my dollar.” 

“I don’t mind paying if it is going to improve the dump, but don’t collect money and still leave it as it is,” said a respondent. “That I won’t pay for.” 

“As long as it is a reasonable fee and reliable service and they don’t just throw our bins and lids all over the place as they do now,” said another. 

“We need a proper waste management program and users should pay for its service, which should include recycling,” said someone else.  

Another 91 people – 21.5 percent – said they would reduce the amount of waste they produce if they had to pay for trash collection. 

“I would certainly expect to have good, dependable and regular weekly service if I had to pay,” said one person. “I have no problem paying a reasonable annual amount of about CI$75.” 

“Cayman is in desperate need of funds and this is a great opportunity for the government to recoup some of its losses,” said someone else. “A garbage fee may encourage residents to recycle and dispose of trash properly.”  

Thirty-two people – 7.6 percent – said they would dump illegally if they had to pay for trash collection.  

“Oh, I’ll be dumping it all in Bodden Town for sure,” said one person. 

Twenty-seven people – 6.4 percent – said they would refuse to pay for trash collection.  

“The government raised import duties by 2 percent to cover the cost of trash collection,” said one respondent. “We only get once-a-week collection now instead of two, so I would refuse to pay. You wouldn’t get prosecuted anyway, right?” 

Thirteen people – 3.1 percent – said they would move from the country if they had to pay for trash collection, while 18 people – 4.3 percent – responded “other” to the question. 

“I do not usually have much, so I would drop it in Foster’s Food Fair’s dumpsters,” said one person.  

“I would burn it in my yard,” said another.  

“We do pay,” said someone else. “It is built into importation/duty charges. We can’t help it if government spends the money on something else.” 

“Free trash collection is one of the best decisions the Cayman Islands government has ever made in regards to keeping Cayman tidy,” said one respondent. “Collect the revenue by other means. There are too many households that simply cannot afford it.” 

“I would pay a reasonable and correct price versus paying one that fills someone’s ingenious, rip-off pocket,” said someone else. 

“I will pack up all my garbage and dump it on [MLA Osbourne Bodden’s] doorstep in Bodden Town, because he and his district are the reason we will be facing huge garbage fees,” said another person. “They were selfish in blowing off the offer from Dart and now we will all have to pay the price. What gall they have with the whole “Bodden Town doesn’t want your garbage” thing and yet they dump all theirs in George Town with no problem.” 

“Let it pile up in my backyard,” said one person. 

A number of respondents said they already pay for trash collection. 

“I live in a condominium development, so we already pay for trash collection and it doesn’t make any difference how much waste we produce,” said one person. “However, if we had mandatory recycling, I would gladly do it.” 

“Our strata already pays a considerable sum, as do corporate entities,” said someone else. “Why do those in million dollar homes get a free pass while our dump seeps and burns?” 

“Condominiums already have to pay and it is discriminatory to do so,” said another person. “Doesn’t everybody already pay?” asked someone else. 

Next week’s poll question  

How optimistic are you that the Cayman Islands will have a prosperous economy in 2015? [Explain why in comments]  

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