Donations sought for Evans family holiday

It will undoubtedly be a difficult Christmas for the children of missing landfill worker Anna Evans, but a small group of people is trying to help make the holiday a little brighter.  

Psychiatrist Linda McField plans to host the family in her Spotts-Newland home for a Christmas lunch, and she is working with the children’s legal guardian to set up a new charitable fund to help with the family’s expenses. 

Dr. McField said she wants to “appeal to the community to come together and help make this Christmas special” for the Evans children. She is asking for people to donate food for the lunch, including a baked ham, rice and beans, curry chicken, other side dishes, desserts and drinks. 

“A lot of their family is going away for Christmas, so they’re feeling a bit down,” she said. 

Lisa Prendergast, with the Ministry of Education, said the family also needs donations for their new home in Bodden Town. The Department of Family and Children’s Services secured a three-bedroom house in an affordable housing development in Bodden Town for the children and their guardian. 

Ms. Prendergast said they are looking for donations of pots, crockery, bed linens and gift certificates for food, clothes and shoes. 

Dr. McField said she is helping set up a charitable fund for the children, and the application is before the governor for approval. The purpose will be to raise money “to help these children into adulthood.” She said they hope to start raising funds in January. 

Those interested in making a donation for the lunch or household goods may contact Linda McField at 917-9672. 

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  1. Well I guess that answers my question about is the house was purchased or rented.Really sad situation these folks are in but this must seem like a smack in the face to all the other people the need assistance as was as the people that are busting their behind to save up the money and have been following the long and tedious process of acquiring one of these home that were built for hard working people that have low incomes to give them a chance to own a home.

    I am curious, with Anna’s dependents being in such dire straits. How long will they have to wait before her life insurance will be able to help them.

  2. Michael, it is appears you carry animosity toward Anna Evan’s children. What did they do to you personally?
    How do you know what othersfeel or think and what exactly the situation is?
    For Christmas’ sake open your heart to these children.They have been through a lot!
    Bless all people who are helping them.

  3. Lucia Bell, Twist my words and try to make me a villain if you like but my words or comments in no way show any kind of animosity toward Ms Evans children or anyone else for that matter. I was merely making an observation about how the other folks that have been vying for one of these homes for years, it has nothing personally to do with these specific set of individuals. When I peel back the pages what I see is a situation that was dealt with in a public forum and because it was headline news the government acted on it, in my opinion to save face for themselves not out of sympathy for this family. It is also quite possible that they will have a hard time dealing with the next family that asks for help and expects the same type of assistance from government.