Opposition Leader's New Year's message

My Dear Friends, 

Once again without shadow of turning, God has safely brought us through the ever-changing scenes of life, and through the changes of time, to the beginning of another year. 

What can we ask of him? 

We can beseech him to pardon the sins we have committed in the past year – for all of us have sinned – and we can ask for grace that we may go through this new year a better person. We can thank him for all the loving kindness and tender mercies along the way.  

When the road has been dark, God has not failed us – though we often fail him – so we must ask for forgiveness and his help to do better. 

Many of you have asked me to be more outspoken and critical of the governance we have, or the lack thereof, but there is time for everything and our country needs peace, not more trouble. I did promise that on taking up the mantle of opposition, I would not be – I could not be – to the government what they have been to me and thus to you the people. I keep that promise. For the government on its own, is self-destructing.  

My concern though is for the suffering of all the people in these islands. It is true and I will as much say that the present government and their allies did everything possible to stop me from getting the projects completed that I had promised. 

The problem today is that the dastardly deeds they did in assisting the then governor in stopping my work is not that it’s backfiring on them, but that is hurting you the people. For what is their accomplishment but to brag of a surplus created by measures they railed against and cursed me for? 

What is the use of a surplus when you are suffering in every way possible, and you could be assisted, but the government shows an indifference. 

What is their accomplishment but to talk of increased visitors? A policy that I put in place – measures created by my staff in my administration – which they fought against! What is their accomplishment?  

Our government’s financial policy kept our Aa3 credit rating intact while others around the world floundered through a financial crisis, yet they cursed me!  

Scholarships and assistance to our elderly, handicapped persons and seamen were not reduced, but remained intact with more people benefiting in the time of need. All of these areas have been impacted negatively by this government, with persons applying, but not receiving help, and definitely some children have lost their scholarship assistance. No!  

Under my administration, if given support by the opposition rather than false accusations and disruption, by now our airport problems would have been solved, our cruise facility and Turtle Farm need for more visitors would have been settled as well. 

Today there is more unemployment, more need, more people losing their businesses and their houses. My hurt is, that there are far too many people hurting and the government is indifferent to it. While all that is happening around us, people are not safe in their homes, on the street, at leisure, or at their businesses. The powers that be are again indifferent to it. 

The immigration policy is a disaster causing more disaster in all shapes and forms. The government must embrace people who can help us. Poverty is growing. We must embrace wealth or reap poverty! 

So, the government thus far is indifferent and ineffective. No doubt their answers to all of this chaos and trouble is to pull out statistics which they put together to say “our administration didn’t do it” as they did with the Mortgage Assistance Program. One quick example of that is: I found a problem and assisted the people. Many people who qualified for the assistance, between then and now, had no work or lost what work they did have. So naturally, no work and no mortgage will get paid. What is the government doing?  

Every development plan, be it Shetty Hospital and its spin-off development, Enterprise City, Dart’s various developments, the hotel in Beach Bay, or the Ironwood Golf Community and its necessary road plan, all of these they berated! 

Rather, these developments are not something bad, but are needed and will give the country revenue and our people work. 

My friends, the government needs to stop dreaming, stop shouting, stop cursing, stop blaming, stop its nepotism, stop its cronyism and get to work using a common sense approach that will make a difference in the lives of the people. Difficult decisions need to be made, new industries started, be they in the technology area or other developmental sectors. 

I really don’t believe that all the expensive consultants’ contracted from the outside or inside are going to solve any of the problems affecting us. 

For now, I will pray for them and for us. I will not be a stumbling block. So I look forward knowing not what will befall us in the new year ahead. But I will trust God, as much in the shadow as in the sunshine and pray we find the way by the light of his will. 

I will ask him that for all the possibilities ahead in the new year to make us thankful, to give us wisdom, courage and discernment in the face of so much chaos, despair and fear.  

I will ask him to see how, in our circumstances, we can contribute to make our island nation a place of peace, faith and love, and also to give us the will to translate our desires into action. 

I respect and care for each and every single soul living, working, moving and having their beings here. 

May God be good to all of us and grant us good health in this new year. 


– Hon. McKeeva Bush, leader of the opposition 


Mr. Bush

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  1. Mr Bush I say thank you for helping in building this Island as you represented us along the way. Thank you for always trying to make peace and showing us the way forward in the 21 century and allowing us to see that we all can get along. We could never have asked for a better Premier.
    Cayman took a giant step backward when the nation building fund was taken away by the PPM Government, The Nation Building Fund was set up to help Caymanians from all walks of life, not only natives but status holders too would have benefited; giving an opportunity of a jump-start in these trying times. However it is not too late for us to make things wright as the new year dawn. First we have to put strong faith in what we believe in and there will be a great path to follow. So many are without jobs, people living without electricity and water, people loosing their homes and businesses closing down, and believe be there are people who cannot afford to buy food to feed their family, people worrying and dying young of heart attack. Money was taken back from the continued construction of Gods Temples…..Ask ourselves, did we do the right thing?. Have we begun already to see the wrath of God being delivered with consequences of embarrassment and destruction in High Places? It has begun, and it will continue unless we take a look at the big picture, where are we heading, and what then?. When you mess with God’s people and their place of worship you are signing a lease on the other side make no mistake of that. Take a walk down George Town and see the empty buildings for rent. Can anyone afford to rent them? No. Houses and buildings for sale, Caymanians displaced and others leaving. Who are to blame for all of this, ask your self that question. Who call the shots in this country? Caymanians, we have clearly stepped out of the footprints we were following in the sand, so let us get back there this 2015 and make a difference of love and Peace because it could have been much worse.

  2. This message was his first campaign message for the next election. We need to remember the action of Mr Bush, and this is him pulling his head out of the mud. Read his message, and look at the end of this message. He just wants us to have good health and forgive him and forget about what he did.

  3. Curious Clair, What was it that he did. As far as I know he was charged with the crime of theft for using his CIG issued Credit Card for personal use. And the result was that he was found not guilty of any crime because his use of the Card for personal spending while he was travelling was not against corporate policy because he paid the money back. I also heard of quite a bit of other allegations levied against him all of which were dropped.

    So again I ask, what was it that he did ?

  4. I am sure each of us has a message on our hearts for a New Year; however that does not mean that every one will express them. One of the serious problems we have on the Island is that Cayman has inherited a situation where the Bible is not being read, and persons do not Believe there is a God.
    People out of jobs, loosing their business and homes, living without electricity and water, and we really are wondering why? We have stopped believing, forgiving and praying. If you feel that life has taken a wrong turn for you and within your heart you are living right with God, then don’t worry, that is just a test. Accept it, and wait for his plan.
    How can this Island continue to be blessed if we allow the power of FEAR to take hold and has lost the will to FORGIVE. How can we be so unchristian as not to believe in forgiveness? Each and every one of us or someone in our family has done something which we have had to pay consequence or will pay in the future. Late in life I came to realize that I am not a twin, I came in this world alone, and no one will go with me when I am going. So why should I allow anyone to steel my joy. Blessed 2015 to all.

  5. What he did wrong was use CIG credit card in slot machines, witnesses testified that in the trial, how he was not convicted was only because of no rules of the use of the credit card. Everyone should have common sense.

  6. @ Ron Clair, I still don’t you’re point about him doing wrong, the policy for use of the card was that it’s ok to use it for personal use as long as the money was paid back which it was. So again I ask what was it that he did wrong.

    If playing slots is your thing or buying expensive watches for your wife it may even be going on shopping sprees, it all seems to be personal use of the card with the policy saying it was OK as long as the money was paid back.

    What I see here are people that dislike Bush or don’t want him as a politician would like to see this be considered a crime just to get him. When in actuality he did nothing wrong.

    In my opinion I think he was foolish to lose money gambling period. Rather he got the money from his personal Credit Card or his CIG issued credit card they were his financial losses not the people of Cayman.

  7. Michael, this isnt even a subtle point, yes, he was found not guilty of criminal acts, but surely nobody thinks Government credit cards are for private use ? Let alone gambling, and especially not in that degree?
    He was elected to the highest place in the land, surely he knew that was wrong? Dont you expect more from the holder of public office than that?
    I do!
    I travelled extensively for my operation, I didnt need to be told that private expense was not to be charged to my business card!

  8. Arthur, I completely agree with you on what should be expected. And I also agree that it was not a good idea to use his CIG issued Card for any personal use whether it be gambling or buying gifts. The point here is that Mr Bush did not break any laws which is why I wonder why people are saying that he stole money from the Caymanian people and why he was the only one to get arrested. He may have used bad judgement but that doesn’t make him a thief. I am not a Bush fan UPD fan PPM fan I don’t even vote but I can read between the lines and see what’s really going on here.

    Keeping it real, this is all about politics not right and wrong. The investigator tore his life apart looking for something on him and found nothing. No those people who dislike Bush are upset because they we’re all hoping that he would have been found guilty of illegal activity but since he wasn’t they are all now jumping on the morality or common sense bandwagon. If people start getting convicted of bad morality or bad judgement, everyone will be guilty.

    I also have had business cards and never used them for personal use. In this case it’s obvious that it was a regular practice to use your CIG card and pay the money back. So there was no reason for him to think it was wrong.

  9. Michael, I didnt accuse him of being a thief, and i dont recall anyone else doing so. No, the accusation here is that to use Public money for that purpose is wrong, to that extent is dreadful, but the main accusation is that a person holding high office should KNOW that it is wrong, and if he doesnt, he isnt fit for high office. As you know, it isnt just this that makes me believe he is unfit for the office, but thats just my opinion!

  10. Cant quite see the relevance of that Ms Vargas! This little quote is normally used when someone accuses another when they have equally strayed. Who is the Pot, and who is the kettle in this sequence, and what have they done to equally stray? I know that I have never used anothers money for gambling, high office or not!