From the Publishers: Compass and Washington Post team up to present new publication

It is a pleasure to announce that beginning today – and every Monday going forward – the Cayman Compass will include The Washington Post National Weekly, a 24-page newspaper that will feature the finest news reporting, feature articles and commentary from the editors and writers of The Washington Post. 

The tabloid newspaper, with full color and beautiful design throughout, will be included in the print editions of the Compass at no additional cost to our readers. 

Publishers David and Vicki Legge said the collaboration with The Washington Post “presented an ideal opportunity to add value to our Monday newspaper.” 

Each issue of “The Weekly” will include articles on U.S. and international issues, sports, the economy, lifestyle, culture and the arts. 

“We are thrilled to be able to extend our weekly print edition to international partners, starting with the Cayman Compass,” said Stephen Hills, president and general manager of The Washington Post. “We know there is a real appetite for Post content overseas, and this will be a great way for Compass readers to have easy access to it within the paper they are already reading.” 

Alan Shearer, editorial director and president of Washington Post Post News Media Services, also welcomed the partnership with the Compass – “even more so because it is run by our former colleague David Legge.” 

Mr. Shearer was referring to Mr. Legge’s long career at The Post and its sister publication, Newsweek Magazine. 

“I couldn’t be more delighted, for personal as well as professional reasons, with our new arrangement,” said Mr. Legge, who also serves as editor in chief of the Compass. “It feels as if I’m back in touch with dear friends and colleagues.” 

The long-distance logistics of producing “The Weekly” in Cayman sound simple now but would have been nearly impossible before the advent of broadband Internet. 

Each Friday afternoon, Post editors will transmit (in PDF format) the content for the following week’s edition. Of the 24 pages, the inside front cover and the back cover will be left “blank” for local advertising. (Eventually four pages will be available for sale to local advertisers.) 

From The Post’s electronic files, Compass production staff will output printing plates, and the actual publication will be printed on Sunday mornings on the same offset web press that prints the Compass. On Sunday afternoon, a special team of Caymanian “inserters” will manually insert “The Weekly” into each copy of the Compass for distribution Sunday evening and Monday morning. 

Importantly, “The Weekly” will be printed on special high-quality paper stock, resulting in outstanding reproduction of print, photographs and illustrations, as well as advertisements. 

“We look forward to a long-standing and mutually beneficial relationship with The Washington Post,” said the Legges, “and we will be exploring other avenues in which we might work together in the future. For now, we hope our readers will enjoy this unique and informative publication.” 


Cayman Compass publishers Vicki and David Legge with Maria Gatti of the Washington Post. – PHOTO: STEPHEN CLARKE


Hot off the press: Vicki and David Legge, publishers of the Cayman Compass, with one of the first copies of The Washington Post National Weekly. – PHOTO: TANEOS RAMSAY

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