Cayman musician is a superstar in waiting

Remember the name: Arianna Broderick. 

You may well be soon seeing this Caymanian in the charts – she is being hotly tipped for pop success with rumors of deal negotiations with leading labels. 

Currently studying in London’s Institute of Contemporary Music Performance, 18-year-old Broderick tells us that she grew up learning songs on guitar. 

“The first song I learnt to play on guitar was probably a Taylor Swift one,” the young musician said. 

“I was obsessed with her when I was younger – still a ‘Swiftie’ till this day! When I was younger I really looked up to her because she is such a powerful female singer/songwriter.” 

The rising star said that she knew from a young age that she wanted to work as a musician.  

“When I was younger, I loved writing short stories and I was always singing, so it’s not surprising that I fell in love with songwriting as soon as I taught myself guitar and piano. I was about 14 when I started doing open mic nights, which led on to meeting musicians and getting more gigs and then recording original material.” 

Her Cayman upbringing definitely inspired her, she said, with the small and friendly Cayman community a big support. 

“I find all the musicians in Cayman to be so encouraging, and a lot of them helped me so much in my early stages,” noted the singer, pianist and guitarist.  

“They were willing to give me opportunities to gig even though I was quite young. I cannot be more thankful to all of the artists who have and are encouraging young musicians like me.” 

One key point was the recording of “You Are,” a track laid down in Hopscotch with Charles Gregory and JG producing, which later led to work in Los Angeles with Adrian Gurvitz. 

In recognition of her growing success, the fledging musician was recently awarded the Cayman Music and Entertainments Association’s Young Musician of the Year Award. 

“To be recognized for doing something that you love is an amazing feeling,” she said. 

Life in the big city 

From Cayman to London is quite the jump, but Broderick said that she is enjoying herself, finding the hustle and bustle of the city inspiring. 

She explained that London has an exciting music industry, which only adds to her enthusiasm for her art. 

“I’m performing loads at some really cool venues,” Broderick enthused. “Once you get used to the bustle of the city and the awful weather compared to the sun back home, then you really learn to appreciate its character.” 

She added: “There are so many things in London that you can be inspired by. I’ll be sitting on the Tube and then suddenly I get a songwriting idea and start recording it onto my phone. 

“I probably look like a madwoman to everyone else on the train, but you gotta do what you gotta do.” 

Studying at the Institute of Contemporary Music Performance has allowed Arianna the opportunity to completely immerse herself in music and songwriting. 

“I’m surrounded by musicians all the time. I even live with three other musicians, so our house can get quite noisy, but it’s really cool to feed off of each others’ creativity,” she said. 

Stylistically, Broderick’s main interest is in electronica, although she inevitably listens to a wide range of styles. 

“I’m really inspired by Fleetwood Mac and Lana Del Rey,” she said. 

“The Fleetwood Mac album ‘Rumours’ will always be one of my favorite albums of all time. My favorite artists at the moment are probably FKA Twigs, MØ, Grimes, Banks, Chet Faker and LANY. A fantasy collaboration would definitely be to write with Lana Del Rey. I love her style and lyrics.” 

Her own music is coming along nicely by the sounds of it.  

“I wrote and recorded some tracks recently with a producer in London, and I’m really excited about my new stuff that I am working on at the moment. 

She explained that most of her songwriting is inspired by her own personal experiences and beliefs. Many of her songs also reflect the challenges faced by today’s youth. 

“I like to challenge social expectations, as art can be so powerful,” she said. “When I see a listener reacting to my music and feeling a certain way to one of my songs, it’s one of the best feelings. That’s one of the reasons why I love songwriting so much.” 

Arianna said she hopes to release something very soon and is looking forward to sharing her art with a wider audience. The ambition is also there in line with the talent of a true Caymanian gem. 

“I hope to release very soon as I can’t wait to share my music with the world,” she said. “I want to tour and perform in front of huge crowds. There is nothing better than the energy and unity you feel at large concerts.  

“To see that I’m making people feel a certain way and to see a crowd united for the love of music and reacting to my music is one of the most important things to me.” 

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Arianna Broderick is forging a successful music career in London, U.K. – PHOTO: MARK LEWIS


Arianna Broderick is forging a successful music career in London, U.K. – PHOTO: MARK LEWIS