Voters encouraged to check lists

Elections officials are encouraging voters to check new voters lists that have been posted in all districts since Jan. 21.

Voters can file a claim or objection by Feb. 12 if they believe the list, officially known as the Register of Electors, for their district is not accurate.

The Register of Electors is updated every three months to reflect additions and subtractions.

Form 7, a notice of claim, should be filled out by anyone who asserts that he or she has been wrongly omitted from the list or some information has been wrongly stated.

Form 9, a notice of objection, may be submitted only by a voter who is registered in the district and who objects to someone’s name being listed. The objector must state the reason for believing that the person is disqualified from being on the list.

It is the duty of the district registering officer to compile a list of all claims and objections for the revising officer to settle. The current revising officer is Chief Magistrate Nova Hall.

Elections Office manager Tosca Connor listed various reasons why individuals would be removed from the register: prison sentences exceeding 12 months, loss of residency requirements, death, or being declared certifiably insane.

She also noted that voters are legally obliged to notify the registering officer of any change in name, address or occupation. This notice should be given “within a reasonable period,” she said, but no later than three months after the change.

The Register of Electors can be viewed at post offices and on the Elections Office website,, as are the forms for claims, objections and voter registration.

Ms. Connor also encouraged people who qualify to come to the Elections Office to apply to be a voter. “Voter registration is an ongoing process,” she pointed out. “It doesn’t have to be an election year.”

Voter numbers decline

The official list as of Jan. 1, 2015 shows a total of 18,323 registered voters in the Cayman Islands – 143 fewer than listed on Jan. 1, 2014, and down by 169 from the all-time high of 18,492 voters registered at the time of the 2013 General Elections.

Ms. Connor said one reason for the decrease was that people who have become eligible have not registered. The voting age is 18.