Writer concerned about roads, environment

I am writing this letter publicly to the minister for environment and the National Roads Authority. I am a Caymanian and am very concerned about the environment in which we are living.

It seems to me that very little attention is being given to the island of Grand Cayman especially with the environment in which we have to live on a daily basis.

I have written about these issues many times without any success but I will not discontinue my endeavors. I have noticed certain things of great importance and would appreciate the two departments joining forces to alleviate these problem situations.

Following is a list of issues which need our immediate attention together with recommendations to help solve the problem.


Litter is a very big problem on Grand Cayman. The Cayman Islands are known to be the gems of the Caribbean but they won’t be for much longer if something is not done about it immediately.

The West Bay district environment and tourism sub-committee for which I am secretary has been doing weekly cleanups but before we do any more I am requesting the above ministries to please assist us by placing permanent garbage bins on each of our main roads and on both sides.

We also need to have dumpsters placed in strategic locations so that larger household items can be placed in those and not in their yards or on the sides of the roads.

We also need to have the no littering signs and the litter fine signs erected again. We need to have these things done now so that our islands remain beautiful and environmentally healthy for Caymanians, other residents and visitors. We need to also rid our districts of derelict vehicles as these are very unsightly and unhealthy.


In some areas of flooding, water settles at least two to three feet high and for several days. School children cannot get to the bus stop; adults without cars cannot get to work and in some instances vehicles cannot go through the flooded areas. I do not understand why residents in those areas have to suffer because government does not have sufficient drains. How much does it cost for a drain? Our budget must include for these types of situations. Flooding also causes mosquitoes and is very unhealthy. Please do something about this matter immediately as this has been going on for quite some time now without any attention.


This is another issue of concern to me. These potholes are very dangerous and can cause serious injury. Let us not wait until someone gets injured and people’s vehicles start falling apart. Another concern of mine is that in some of the areas where the potholes are, there is no proper street lighting, so at night it is even more dangerous. We need more street lights on some of our roads. Potholes may seem to many people as something that is not relevant to anyone but cyclists know that they are a major concern to them.

Drop-offs on the sides of the main roads

This is also a very, very dangerous situation and needs immediate attention. Some of them being over five feet and some of them are on corners of very narrow roads. I am recommending that sturdy railings (with a very visible color) be placed along these areas and that the adjoining properties be made level and even with the roads. Please let us not wait until someone is seriously and/or permanently injured or for the loss of life. Grand Cayman is not that big so there should not be any excuse why these matters should be overlooked any longer.

I have other concerns which I believe are of great importance to others. Some of them are as follows:

Vehicles with dark tint/speeding/traffic signs

The Human Rights Committee/release of murderers

Homosexuality in our beloved islands

Healthcare and unemployment benefits for Caymanians

Hopefully, I will be able to write my thoughts on these subjects in the near future.