Online poll: Most Cayman households have two or more cars

Two-thirds of Cayman Islands households own two or more vehicles, excluding motorbikes, according to the results of last week’s online poll. 

Of the 490 total respondents, 25 said they didn’t have a Cayman Islands household. Of the 465 remaining, 217 of them – 46.7 percent – said there were two vehicles in their household, with many people citing different work schedules of their spouses or lack of reliable public transport as the reason.  

“SUV (wife and family ride) and pick-up truck,” said one person. “Whether it’s going to church or fishing, we all still go together in one.”  

“One private car and one truck provided by employer,” said another respondent. 

“My wife and I both need to drive to see clients on a daily basis, so we need both cars,” said someone else. 

“Our work hours do not overlap and we have to go to different locations during the day,” said one person. 

“We have two subcompact cars, one for me, one for my husband,” said another person, “but whenever we can commute together, we do so. Given the price of fuel, the sea salt, the tiny parking places and the size of the island, we are fine with what we have. If there was a decent, reliable, affordable public transit system, we would go to having just one subcompact car.” 

“As a family of four, we have and need at least two vehicles to cover transport to work, errands, school drop-offs and pick-ups,” said someone else. “However, if public transport was sufficient, we could get by with one car.” 

Another 61 people – 13.1 percent who had a Cayman Islands household – said they had three vehicles. 

“Two cars for the adults and one beater for a learner/new driver,” said one person. 

“Three cars because we live out of town, with three people in different jobs and no public transport to speak of,” said another. 

“Truck, SUV and sports car,” said someone else. 

“One bus, one SUV and one truck that doesn’t work,” commented one respondent. 

Thirty-two people – 6.5 percent of those with Cayman households – said they owned four or more vehicles in their household. 

“One for every day of the week,” said one person. 

“All over 10 years old,” said someone else. “One each for the two kids, but looking to sell one. And they can share when back from university!” 

“We like convertibles and we have a spare car for guests,” said one respondent. 

“We have to alternate their use each day to allow enough time for the stench collected driving past the dump every day to dissipate sufficiently,” quipped someone else.  

Another large segment of respondents, 140 people or 30.1 percent of those with a Cayman Islands household, said they owned one vehicle.  

“Time for Cayman to get a clue from Bermuda,” said one person, referring to the Bermuda law that generally limits vehicle ownership to one per household. 

“We can only afford one car, but truly need one per person,” said someone else. “Everyone has their own things to do and it’s inconvenient.” 

“I have a van that I also use for public transport,” said another respondent. “That is the only vehicle I have in my household. Insurance premiums and licencing fees are just too high to afford another vehicle.” 

“Just me in my household,” commented one person. 

“Just one,” said someone else. “We need it because Cayman cannot figure out how to provide public transportation.” 

Next week’s poll question  

What do you think about Dart’s plans for the expansion of Camana Bay, including a new five-star hotel on Seven Mile Beach? [Explain why in comments]  

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  1. I’ve been taking a bus to and from work for over a month now and I’ve taken it in the past. Can’t find anything wrong with the public transport on the island. Go to the road wait a few minutes and along comes a bus. The walk to the nearest bus stop is good for you so stop being lazy. The Public Transport Unit tho is another sad story that we can address in another forum maybe. But I’ve noticed that it is persons that have 2-4 cars and do not take public transport that seem to have the most negative things to say about it. Or the ones that feel hard to pay a fare price for that transport that also complain. Yes the attitude of a few of the drivers stinks just as bad as that dump, but that’s easy, avoid them, wait for the next bus/taxi or if your in a hurry suck it up and ignore them simple.