Devils too hot for Ernst & Young

The Dominion Devils claimed top spot on goal difference in the Kings Indoor Futbol League in Monday night’s 12-5 victory over Ernst & Young.

An outstanding game by Dominions’ Glenn Chollette, pairing with Merv Day for the first three goals, exemplified the excellent team chemistry.

Day was well assisted by the strong performance of goalie Leigh Hipkins, not only stopping certain chances, but often initiating offensive counters for the Dominion forwards.

Ernst & Young’s Mike Yoon was notable in midfield, thwarting many of the Devils’ opportunities, but they were still able to easily claim their second consecutive win. Deloitte and KPMG Titans developed a sound rivalry in a high-energy game, with the Titans coming back to within a goal after giving up an early 4-1 deficit.

Titans’ Gabriel Simon with two goals and an assist, as well as shoring up his team’s defensive unit, was in superb form.

Deloitte kept their composure with goals by Kris Pearson, and the intelligent play of Dan Lowry sealed the win in the closing minutes, keeping Deloitte in second place on goal difference.

Aon, with newly acquired James Cooper and Gavin Kane, looks set to be a formidable team this season with the two midfielders showing their prowess against KPMG.

Cooper and Kane were effective not only in scoring, but also controlling play, making it difficult for KPMG’s forwards to find a way through.

Alfred Tweneboah and Adriaan Dehnam claimed two goals each for KPMG, but it wasn’t enough, with Aon commanding most of the second half action to win 9-5.

Wednesday night’s series began with DMS Devils looking for their first win against Zolfo Cooper coming off a strong performance the previous week.

The Devils’ Ian Jamieson intercepted loose balls in his own half and was quick to move the play forward, drawing in the Zolfo players and opening space for his side’s forwards to convert.

Jamieson assisted on two and claimed two of his own, particularly with a superb solo display going end to end and converting low into the corner.

The Devils’ Jon Doak was excellent in midfield, and Zolfo Cooper’s Niall Hanna scored well too. DMS Devils won 9-2.

The final match-up between PWC and KPAM was a close-fought first-half battle, with KPAM extending their one goal lead in the second to win 10-5.

Games resume on Feb. 23.