Cold front to cool off Cayman this week

The Cayman Islands will experience a significant cold front this week, with gusty winds, rough seas, rain and cooler temperatures.  

Cayman Islands National Weather Service meteorologist Allan Ebanks said the front was over the Gulf of Mexico and should move into Cayman’s area late Wednesday evening.  

“It probably won’t get here until after midnight,” he said, adding that showers associated with the coming front were likely to start earlier on Wednesday. 

Winds will be light from the south-southeast prior to the arrival of the front, then turn north-northwest, and finally come from the north-northeast.  

By Thursday, winds will be up to 20 to 25 knots, enough to cause rough seas with 6-to-8-foot waves. Mr. Ebanks said the strong winds would continue at least into Saturday and that the wind and rough seas would possibly close the North Sound Sandbar. 

The cold front should bring showers as well, some heavy at times, and possibly thunder. Forecast models as of Tuesday morning showed that in the 24-hour period between Wednesday morning and Thursday morning, Cayman can expect about a half-inch of rain. 

In addition, Grand Cayman will experience cooler temperatures starting Thursday and going through at least Saturday, The high temperature on Friday is only forecast to reach 77 degrees, with a low of 70 degrees. However, there will be a wind-chill effect because of breezy conditions.  

“Whenever you have a front with a northerly component this time of year, you’re always going to have cooler air with it, and with the strong winds, it’s going to feel cooler than it really is,” Mr. Ebanks said. “It will be sweater weather.” 

The lowest temperature ever recorded on Grand Cayman – 52 degrees – occurred on Feb. 11, 1968. However, the temperature rarely dips below 60 degrees here. The last time it happened was Dec. 8, 2010, when a temperatures of 57.3 degrees was recorded. Previous to that, the temperature hadn’t been below 60 degrees in Cayman since it dropped to 59 degrees on Feb. 11, 2000. 

The cold front that came into Cayman’s area last Friday only brought a low temperature of 67 degrees, so far the lowest of the year. How low temperatures go here depends largely on how far south the polar and subtropical jet streams dip, Mr. Ebanks said.