Online poll Most approve of Camana Bay expansion plans

More than 55 percent of those who know about Dart Realty’s plans for the expansion of Camana Bay, including a new five-star hotel, love the idea, according to the results of last week’s online poll. 

Of the 547 total respondents, only 20 – 3.7 percent – said they didn’t know anything about the plans. Of the 527 people who then presumedly knew about the plans, 291 of them – 55.2 percent – said they loved them. 

“You can’t possibly ask for a better real estate developer than Dart,” said one person. “And look at what they do for the community. Wow!” 

“It’s great,” said another person. “Cayman needs to grow and create employment. It’s no longer a fishing village and it’s time to look towards a bright future.” 

“Dart does things right,” said someone else. “Cayman would be the island that everyone forgot if it wasn’t for Mr. Dart. We have a lot to be thankful for.” 

“It’ll move the island forward instead of having it stuck in the 1960s like those shouting the loudest seem to want,” commented one respondent. 

“High quality construction providing many jobs,” said another. 

“More choices for tourists is good for the island,” said someone else. 

“This is the beginning of the next growth boom for the Cayman Islands,” commented one person.  

“It will bring more world-class amenities to our island,” said another. 

The second largest segment of respondents, 102 people or 19.4 percent of those who knew about the plans, took more of a wait-and-see attitude, responding, “When it’s done, I’ll tell you.” 

“I am concerned that we are becoming a Monte Carlo of the Caribbean – all concrete and no vegetation, and Dart is better than most in this regard,” said one person. “There’s no view of the sea, at least in the Seven Mile Beach strip. We will have become a commodity and lost our soul/heritage. Balancing that is that Dart usually does things to a relatively high standard.” 

“I just hope there will be plenty of jobs available for Caymanians, especially young people getting out of school and college,” said another person. 

“The key will be to see if the majority of business being conducted in the area will really be owned/controlled by the developer,” said someone else. 

“I do not truly know if the pros outweigh the cons for Caymanians,” said one respondent.  

Another 74 people – 14 percent of those who knew about the plans – said they hated them. “It’s changing the core footprint of the island,” said one person. 

“Dart is taking over too much of Cayman and turning it into another U.S. city, taking away the island feel and small-town vibe of Cayman,” said someone else. 

“Cayman has lost its integrity,” commented another person. “Whatever happened to the notion that Cayman is the island time forgot? We’ve become so cosmopolitan. The government has been bought.” 

“I hate the bridge over West Bay Road,” said one respondent. “It’s too Miami Beachish. Cayman is losing its charm.” 

“Cayman is moving too fast,” said someone else. “I love the good old days.” 

“People come to the Caribbean to see rustic countryside, not concrete jungle,” opined another person. “Plus this stinks of control and monopoly in the long run.” 

“I think the growth of hotel chains and huge buildings are destroying our tourism industry,” said someone else. “People travel here to get away from this type of life where they come from. Tourists just want to enjoy an island lifestyle, not a mini city.” 

Sixty respondents – 11.4 percent of those who knew about the plans – said they didn’t care one way or the other. 

“It’s going to happen if we like it or not, so why worry?” said one respondent.  

Next week’s poll question 

A private investment fund to finance government’s major infrastructure projects is being established. Would you be inclined to invest in it? [Explain why in comments] 

  • Absolutely! 
  • Maybe, if the terms are right. 
  • I don’t have money to invest, but it I did, I would. 
  • I wouldn’t under any circumstances  
  • I don’t know 

To participate in this poll, visit starting March 2. 


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  1. Dart is the best real estate developer to land on our shores. Everything is so perfect and of good class.
    It is just such joy to take a walk around Camana Bay and enjoy the well kept grounds, the beautiful pants, many of Cayman species, and the welcoming atmosphere of Island breeze, good food, and ice-cream. Visit the theaters, and you have just stepped off into avatar oblivion.
    I support the new expansion to Camana Bay and just cannot wait to see it unveiled.

  2. Dart has more invested into the success if the Cayman Islands product and it seems that he is more willing and able to do what it takes to make it top notch. I am glad he’s here investing and in a very big way contributing to what will be an excellent future for Cayman. I am sure that had he not been doing this a lot of the other developers working on projects wouldn’t have the confidence to invest here.