Decades later, road repairs promised


It may be the worst maintained road in Grand Cayman, but the pothole-rutted road that runs past the Strand shopping plaza is finally being repaired after decades of neglect. 

The road, though relatively short, is well traveled and connects West Bay Road to the Esterley Tibbetts Highway through the plaza, which is home to several shops and bars, including Foster’s Food Fair, Blackbeard’s liquor store and Whiskey Mist. 

Restaurant and store owners in the plaza have been calling for Canal Point Drive to be repaired for years. 

It is understood that a standoff between the original owners of the plaza and government over who should be responsible for paying for the repairs was responsible for the delays. The National Roads Authority appears to have acknowledged that it is a public road and put the repair work out to tender last month. 

Work began on Monday on improvements to the sidewalk and drainage. The larger contract, for the supply and placement of 500 tons of hot-mix asphalt on the short stretch of road, will begin later this month, according to the authority. Woody Foster, managing director of Foster’s Food Fair, said the repairs would provide welcome relief for business owners in the area. 

“This has been a source of complaints for a long time,” he said. “It has been a source of frustration for our customers for many years. In the rainy season, it is particularly bad. You are driving through 8- to 12-inch potholes to get into the complex.” 

He said businesses in the area had been asking for the road to be repaired since the ‘90s. “I believe there was an argument between the owners and government about who should do it, and then I think it was more an issue of finding money in the budget. It is a government road, there is no denying that,” he said. 


Pavement and drainage work began at Canal Point Road outside the Strand this week. – PHOTO: TANEOS RAMSAY


Canal Point Drive has been the bane of drivers and local business-owners in the area for years. Now it seems finally set to get repaired. – PHOTO: TANEOS RAMSAY


  1. The road problem is all over the Island now. The only time we saw the best kept roads was when Mr Arden McLean was in charge. He may have spent a lot on them, but I can surely say it was smooth driving all over. No one can convince me that the money is short, because I do not believe that. It just has to be managed well and not removing from A to support B.
    The most traffic is coming in from three districts from the East, I believe the East roads needs some urgent attention especially the roads leading from the police station back, to the Bodden Town primary. That is in such a sad state I don’t know how people can travel on it still. However the year of the quick fix is 2016, so don’t look for anything before then.

  2. About time! That road section has been horrible for almost 20 years! I can’t believe the plaza owners wouldn’t put up the money to just get it done instead of fighting with the government, but no shock. I can’t wait to ride on the new road!!!

  3. Back in the days when Cayman Islands didn’t have the money, we had public works department , which was responsible for the maintenance of the roads, Government properties, and vehicles, and everything was taken care off and lasted for a very long time. Road works were done weekly or when needed , vehicles were never out of service until it was it’s last day . Today Cayman Islands have too much money, and these things are not looked after until it costs the government millions of dollars to replace, and we have private companies to do these things. Why ?

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