Businesses warned over obstructive signs

Anyone who blocks a footpath with a sign or sandwich board could be fined $5,000, the National Roads Authority has warned. 

The authority highlighted issues with signs encroaching on roads and pedestrian areas along Dorcy Drive, North Sound Road and Seven Mile Beach. 

“These signs pose great risk to our pedestrians as they have to step out into the road to avoid the sign,” said Paul Parchment, managing director of the authority, in a statement.  

The NRA asks that any signs that obstruct pedestrians be removed by the end of the month or owners risk having them removed at their expense. The NRA said in a statement that road encroachments carry fines up to $5,000. 

“We kindly ask property owners to ensure that all trees, landscaping and signs pose no danger to pedestrians or drivers,” added Marion Pandohie, transportation planner at the authority.  

Anyone who wants to report an encroachment can call 946-7780 or visit

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