Online poll: Most stay home for Easter

The majority of respondents to a online poll say they’re planning on staying home during next week’s four-day Easter holiday. 

Both Good Friday and Easter Monday are public holidays in the Cayman Islands, meaning many residents get four consecutive days off from work. 

Of the 398 total respondents, 218 of them – 54.8 percent – said they just planned to stay at home. 

“Easter is not a big deal for me,” said one person. 

“I do not have extra money again this year,” said another person. “I’m just living hand-to-mouth now; it’s a hard place to live once you are older.” 

“I plan to spend it sleeping,” said someone else. 

“I have visitors coming, so I’m sure we’ll be out doing some touristy things, but I also look forward to a little time at home eating good food and indulging in some nice adult beverages,” commented one respondent. 

“I usually do a staycation,” said another. 

“I will more than likely also go to the beach for a bit, yet over the years I see the destruction people do to the beaches with trash and cutting down trees for their own agenda, and I have to say it angers me,” said someone else. 

“I’ll be celebrating Jesus’ sacrifice in Church,” said one person. 

Another 75 people – 18.8 percent – said they would be traveling off island. 

“I’m going to Little Cayman,” said one person. 

“I’ll be in Moab, Utah at the Easter Jeep Safari,” said someone else. 

“None of your business,” said another person. 

Forty-nine respondents – 12.3 percent – said they would be working during the Easter break. 

“If I wasn’t working I’d stay at home,” said one person. “Too much traffic and people all wanting to get to the same spots on the beach.” 

Only 35 respondents – 8.8 percent said they would be camping on the beach, a traditional Cayman Islands activity during the Easter holiday. 

“Last year my husband camped on the beach with our then five-year-old son, who loved it (as did my husband and I),” said one person. “He loved waking up in the morning and heading straight into the sea and sleeping in a tent and playing with the other kids all day. I am not much of a camper, but I get just as excited and I welcome the minor break.” 

“There’s nothing like camping on the beach for Easter holidays,” said someone else. 

Twenty-one people responded “other” to the poll question, with several people talking about church-related activities. 

“Why isn’t “church” an option in this poll?” asked one person. 

“I will be attending several church events,” said someone else. 

“Expressing deep thankfulness for Jesus dying and raising from [the] dead so we could be saved and go to Heaven!” said another person. “God is so good. Let’s go to church.” 

Several other people spoke about in-country activities. 

“I’ll be enjoying our beautiful island,” said one person. 

“Going to the beaches and boating,” said another. 

“Going to Cayman Brac,” said someone else. 

“Vacationing on the island with family,” commented one person. 

“This Easter my family and I plan to attempt to reach the summit of Mt. Trashmore and hoist the PPM flag,” said another. 

Next week’s poll question  

Do you think Owen Roberts International Airport should have passenger boarding bridges/jetways for passengers, even if they add another $20 million to the airport redevelopment project? [Explain why in comments]  

  • Yes
  • No
  • I’m leaning toward agreeing
  • I’m leaning toward disagreeing
  • I’m ambivalent on the issue
  • I need more information

To participate in this poll, visit starting on March 23. 

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