False engine fire indication prompted emergency landing

CAL explains incident on Saturday

The emergency landing involving Cayman Airways’ Twin Otter flight from Little Cayman on Saturday afternoon was caused by a “false engine fire indication,” the airline said in a statement.

Emergency services were put on standby at the Owen Roberts International Airport as the Cayman Airways Express flight 4722 indicated it was coming in to land on one engine. The plane landed safely just after midday.

In a statement explaining the incident, the airline said, “Although there was no visible evidence of a fire, the crew followed standard operating procedures which included discharging the engine fire suppression system to the applicable engine and shutting the engine down.

“The Captain also requested that emergency crews be on standby at the airport for landing which is a standard procedure for this type of situation.”

The statement continued, “The aircraft landed at the airport at approximately 12:13 p.m. without incident, and was cleared by the Cayman Islands Fire Service before being released to the gate.

“The Cayman Airways maintenance team then confirmed that the indication was false, identified the cause of the false indication, and repaired the aircraft.”

The aircraft was back in service within an hour, according to the airline

Cayman Airways President and CEO Fabian Whorms said the airline has a steadfast commitment to the safety of its passengers, crew and aircraft.

The incident was the fourth emergency landing at Owen Roberts International Airport this year.


  1. Let us not lose sight of the fact that it was still a technical failure in the aircraft and that forced the engine to be shut down.

    Whether this was a 50 buck sensor or a million dollar engine that needed replacing makes no difference – it still failed and from what I hear CAL Express has been experiencing rather too many of these little glitches of late.