To our readers: Have a joyous Easter weekend

The Easter season is a time of rejuvenation and rebirth, and, in the Cayman Islands, for plenty of rest and relaxation.

Eggs — of the hardboiled or plastic variety — are waiting to be dyed, hidden and discovered. The very best of people’s “Sunday best” will soon be worn to church for special celebrations. The country’s glittering beachsides are starting to teem with tents and campers, coexisting with tourists whose curiosity may be piqued by Caymanians’ annual springtime tradition of sleeping under the stars. (More than a few, of course, won’t pretend to be “roughing it” — instead preferring to arm themselves with generators, extension cords, appliances … maybe even a portable air conditioner or two.)

As are the vast majority of businesses in the country, the Cayman Compass is giving our employees some much-merited leave away from the office in observance of the national public holidays on Good Friday and Easter Monday. The newspaper you hold in your hands will be the final issue printed until Tuesday, April 7.

As always, the Compass will have journalists at the ready in case of breaking news that may occur between now and then. Any items of particular urgency will be posted on our website,

Our hope is that we will have very little to report in terms of accidents, mishaps or emergencies, and that the biggest news of the Easter weekend involves brunches, kite flying or visits from dear family friends.

While many residents will find their way into church pews at some point this weekend, it is important to keep in mind the tremendous diversity of people living in Cayman, both in terms of nationality (with about 120 different jurisdictions being represented here) and faith (or lack thereof).

For example, for the eight days from this Friday to next Saturday, the members of Cayman’s Jewish community will be celebrating Passover (which of course is closely related to the Christian holiday of Easter), in commemoration of the biblical story of the Exodus, where Moses led the Israelites out of slavery in Egypt.

We have no doubt that Cayman’s characteristic atmosphere of religious tolerance, mutual respect and understanding will continue in the coming days; indeed, that is one of the defining qualities of Cayman that makes our country a great place for anyone to live and visit.

Weather-wise, forecasters are calling for clear skies and comfortable temperatures over the weekend and through next week, so hopefully that means rainstorms won’t act as impediments for our Easter campers, visitors and residents who want to enjoy the holiday in the surrounds of Cayman’s world-class outdoor attractions. With the cooperation of Mother Nature seemingly secured for the time being, the responsibility then falls upon us humans to help ensure the happiness of our fellow men and women. Common courtesy goes a long way — that includes leaving your campsite in a condition “a little better than you found it,” and thinking about everybody else on the road (and walking on the side of it) when you’re making arrangements for transportation after an event that may involve the imbibing of alcoholic beverages.

In other words: Be nice. Be safe. Most of all, have a very Happy Easter.