Mother accused of murder gets new court date

Attorney advises on progress with medical issues

Tamara Butler, charged with the murder of her 6-year-old daughter Bethany, appeared in Grand Court on Friday for an update on the progress in her case.

Defense attorney Laurence Aiolfi said he was in the process of arranging with the legal aid office for an overseas psychiatrist to see his client. In addition, an on-island expert has been identified, he told Justice Charles Quin. Bethany Butler’s body was found in the early hours of Oct. 27 by police on patrol along the Queen’s Highway in East End. Her body, which had multiple stab wounds, was in the passenger seat of a car parked in the bush. Mrs. Butler was arrested nearby soon afterward.

She first appeared in the Summary Court on Nov. 14, when the matter was transmitted to Grand Court for mention again on Dec. 19. Her attorney at the time was Delroy Murray; his request that the defendant be remanded to the George Town Hospital was granted.

There were further appearances in January and February, with Mr. Aiolfi’s colleague Ben Tonner confirming on Feb. 9 that the defendant’s health was a feature of the case. He asked that legal aid be extended for a certified medical practitioner.

During Friday’s hearing, Justice Quin questioned the causes of delay. The issues of expense and the medical council were mentioned.

The judge agreed to an adjournment of six weeks and spoke directly to the defendant. “The doctors are talking to Mr. Aiolfi and he is doing everything he can to ensure you have a medical examination as soon as possible,” he told her.

She was remanded in custody until Friday, May 22.