Prison officer suspended after hidden camera found in office

A prison officer has been suspended after a covert surveillance camera was found hidden in the office of a senior manager. 

The Cayman Compass understands the secret camera was discovered inside an air conditioning duct in the manager’s office on Thursday. 

Prisons boss Neil Lavis confirmed the discovery and said an officer had been suspended pending further investigations. 

Police were called to Her Majesty’s Prison Northward following the find and the Ministry of Home Affairs was alerted. 

“It is regrettable that someone has seen fit to invade another person’s privacy in such a manner,” said prisons director Mr. Lavis. “I am committed to uncovering the parties involved.”  

The prison service said in a statement that the camera was switched on and was covertly recording when it was found. 

Prison authorities are still attempting to establish if any crime has been committed under Cayman Islands law. The matter, ultimately, may be dealt with internally through the Prison Officers’ (discipline) regulations. 

It is the second time in the last six months that an officer at the prison has been suspended. 

In December 2014, an anonymous source alerted prison management that one of their employees was a registered sex offender in another jurisdiction. The officer was suspended and later resigned.  


A hidden camera was found inside the office of a prison manager.


  1. The great concern here is what was the purpose of this officer doing this.
    It had to be a reason to go that far. I believe the public should know.

  2. We now understand another officer has been put on required leave and why is this suddenly confidential as to who the officers are? Is it the officer herself whose office the video machine was found? We need to know who these officers are and the public deserves to know. Compass do your job and lets find out?