Ebanks will 'tri' his best to boost Olympic time

Boxing ace Kendall Ebanks aims to improve his triathlon time this weekend in the Olympic distance at the South Beach triathlon in Miami.  

Ebanks established himself as a world-class amateur boxer before becoming a fitness instructor and triathlete. He is considering entering the world boxing championships later this year but in the meantime, triathlon is his primary focus because he hopes to one day compete in major tournaments for Cayman.  

The South Beach triathlon on Sunday is seen by serious athletes as an early season event in preparation for the much tougher Miami Challenge in September.  

With top collegiate athletes and elite athletes in the mix, Ebanks is excited to be competing at such a high level along with other Cayman residents Jeff Jakubiak, Dale Avery, Patrick Loughnane and Sarah Tomalewicz. They all will compete in the Olympic distance of 1500 meter swim, 40 kilometer bike and 10K run.  

Suzanne Loughnane and Jennifer LaForge are doing the shorter distance (sprint) race of a half-mile swim, 33K bike and 6.4K run.  

“I am going for a personal best,” Ebanks said. “My swimming has gotten a lot stronger so has my biking. I’ve had a little problem in the knee, but I’ve rested it for the event and it’s going to be good come race day.” 

He is hoping for a 2 hour, 30 minute finish. “I want to drop my time after doing a 2:44 a few months back. It’s all about progress, always.” 

He has been training hard with Flashy Nation Sports Club. “Coach Will Balderamos has everyone on a great program called C4 Fitness, which is swim, bike, run, strength and conditioning,” said Ebanks.  

“There are some fast new swimmers in the program, so I work very hard to better my pool and ocean times along with my other disciplines. We motivate and push each other nonstop. It’s great training and a great supportive team to work alongside. We make fun workouts of tough sessions.”  

The 24-year-old Caymanian thanked Cayman National Bank for supporting Flashy Nation Sports Club as a sponsor “because they believe in the process to build and strengthen our nation through sports and fitness.”  

To learn more about Flashy Nation Sports Club and its programs, go to www.FNSportsclub.com or call 924-2898. 


Kendall Ebanks has trained hard for the South Beach triathlon. – PHOTOS: RON SHILLINGFORD