Enough Stuff swim adds to pool

A band of intrepid swimmers are navigating the 10K Enough Stuff North Sound Swim this weekend to raise money for charity. 

The swimmers will start from either Starfish Point or Rum Point at 7 a.m. and finish from around 11 a.m. up to 12 noon, on Sunday, April 26. Sea Elements has agreed to loan its kayaks to the event. The chef from the Cracked Conch will provide brunch on the day for swimmers, volunteers and welcoming party, including Governor Helen Kilpatrick who will be present at the finish. 

At the time of going to press, the entrants were Darren Mew, Elaine Heausler Gomez, Natasha Plain, Jim McNicholson, Adrien Royston, Rhonda Laws, Coral Tomascik, Vladimir Tomascik, Dagmar Tomascik, Amanda Goodwin, Alex Harling, Mike Lockwood, Pam Abbott, Claire Roscoe, Sally Poole and Wayne Hennum.  

Chief organizer Claire Roscoe said she hopes to raise awareness about Enough Stuff, a charity which minimizes the waste at children’s birthday parties by requesting no presents, but an optional cash donation.  

Half of the donation is given to the birthday child to buy a present he or she will appreciate and use, the other half goes into an Enough Stuff charity fund based at the child’s school or to the centralized Enough Stuff account at Butterfield Bank.  

The school fund is run by the students and they choose where the funds should be donated in either their local community or internationally.  

Enough Stuff is designed to teach children to recognize when they have sufficient material things and to acknowledge there are people in their community who are not as fortunate.  

“It also helps children to be aware that consuming unnecessary resources, often at the expense of the environment and other community values, is not sustainable,” Roscoe said. “And finally to engender ‘unified consciousness’ into the next generation.”  

One specific benefit to Cayman and something that could be raised with its children is that unwanted presents very often end up on the dump and therefore perpetuate that particular problem, whereas by using half the birthday money to buy a genuinely desired present means it is unlikely to be thrown away, or will be appreciated for longer, she added.  

It also inspires the children to contribute to local environmental causes and so help in keeping the islands clean and environmentally friendly – and learn about that in the process. 

Enough Stuff currently funds vulnerable children in Cayman like the children of missing landfill worker Anna Evans, who have been housed by the government and are in need of household items. Dr. Linda McField is assisting in this process.  

It is also empowering vulnerable women in Africa. A Malawian clinic that provides a contraceptive implant for impoverished women to protect them from the spiral of multiple pregnancies, illiteracy, medical complications with pregnancy and childbirth and poverty, is a recipient.  

The implant protects them for five years and their partners may never need to know. As little as $300 covered 120 women last month at the clinic.  

“Many thanks to my three children and other children who agreed to have an Enough Stuff birthday party and donated to the fund,” Roscoe said.