Coconut seller struck, killed by driver


A man who worked in the George Town waterfront area selling coconuts to tourists was struck and killed early Thursday by a hit-and-run driver on the Linford Pierson Highway, the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service confirmed.  

Donnie Ray Connor, 59, was run over sometime in the early morning. His mangled bicycle could be seen at the crash scene on the soft shoulder of the outbound lanes along the highway, near Agnes Way, hours later as scene of crime officers examined the area. It had been broken into two pieces in the collision and was almost unrecognizable as a bicycle on first glance.  

“We suspect [Mr. Connor] was traveling on his bicycle when he was hit,” RCIPS Chief Inspector Claudia Brady said.  

Mr. Connor’s body was discovered at the crash scene around 4:30 a.m. by a member of the public who called 911. 

He was dead by the time emergency services responded to the location, police said.  

“It was later confirmed that the incident was the result of a hit-and-run motor vehicle collision,” Chief Inspector Brady said.  

No arrests had been reported by press time. Police are asking that anyone who was in the area between midnight and 4 a.m. Thursday and who may have seen the accident or Mr. Connor to contact Inspector Adrian Barnett at 526-2204. Witnesses can also contact George Town Police Station at 949-4222, the RCIPS tip line at 949-7777 or call Crime Stoppers at 800-8477.  

Thursday morning’s collision was the sixth fatal crash in the Cayman Islands this year.  

The collision was also the fifth major hit-and-run incident investigated by police since the start of 2015.  

Mr. Connor, the victim in Thursday’s crash, had more than 60 convictions against him for burglary, according to publicly available court records. His court-appointed attorney, John Furniss, has described his previous offenses as “not the most serious … more the nuisance value.”  

He was sentenced in late 2009 to four years’ imprisonment for a series of offenses that included trespassing, shoplifting and stealing fruit from a tree.  

Traffic nightmare 

Thursday’s collision, which closed the main artery into central George Town for several hours during morning rush hour, backed up traffic from the Linford Pierson Highway to Hirst Road in Savannah-Newlands.  

RCIPS officers had traffic barricades placed at the King’s roundabout and were diverting traffic onto Crewe Road and South Sound Road at that junction.  

Traffic heading from George Town to the eastern districts was blocked at the junction of Agnes Way and the Linford Pierson Highway and drivers were making U-turns once they encountered the police barricades. 

Police reopened the highway at around 9 a.m. Thursday.  


The mangled bicycle of the hit-and-run victim can be seen in two pieces at the side of the Linford Pierson Highway, which was closed for several hours following Thursday morning’s accident. – Photo: Brent Fuller


  1. Somewhere on the island there is a coward hiding, who is not prepared to admit to being the cause of the death of a fellow human being. Hopefully the RCIPS will be able to track that person down.

  2. This is a very tragic situation and my thoughts are with the family of Mr. Connor at this time.

    I noticed that no arrests had been reported by press time and that the police are asking that anyone who may have seen the accident contact Inspector Adrian Barnett. Hopefully someone will come forward soon but I would like to recommend that the police use data from their CCTV network to help them quickly identify the vehicle that was involved in this hit-and-run incident.

  3. Upon reading this report, first I feel so sad for what has happened to Donnie, a good old school friend which I was well acquainted with,and my sympathy goes out to his family. What I do not understand and definitely do not agree with, is why is it that somewhere in this sad story it is thought fit to make publication about the dead man being charged previously for burglary and petty thieving. Does this have anything to do with him being knocked down and left to die like an animal in the street? NO. Has similar reports been made in instances where traffic offences such as this occurred? I have never heard of it. I do hope the police find who did this to Donnie. They can use their intelligence of suspicions where cars would be coming from that time of morning, besides the damage to the bicycle must leave some damage to the car, and to the person who did this, do the right thing, Go and report it. Everything we do negative, even if we are forgiven, we still pay a consequence for it. Do the right thing and be saved from the consequences.

  4. At this juncture with the rate of hit and runs and accidents in general, cameras must be implimented. This monitoring device could and will help the authorities with speeders, those who drive to endanger and maintain a safer road system on Cayman, certainly during the day. Not to mention helping to keep our streets safer.

  5. There must be a car somewhere that had new bodywork damage.
    What paint color was the bike? Is there any paint color from the car deposited on the bike?

    Someone can identity this car and the driver.

    I would sadly also like to bet that that bike had no working lights.

    Poorly lit roads and unlit bicycles can be a lethal combination.

  6. Maybe if his crimes were of a different nature, like embezzlement or forgery they would have not been mentioned.
    Donnie may have done all of those things and maybe more he was never convicted of.
    But to know that man was hit and killed in such a horrible way and now will be thought of as just a common thief, makes me wonder how determined this country will be find his murderer.
    I knew him, an he was a kind hearted man who had manners towards everyone who knew him.
    Makes me wonder how many of those CCTV cameras on this island actually work.
    And I guess depending on "WHO" is eventually found to have done this, will determine the value of his life.

    May he rest in peace.