Online poll: Food and wine the most interesting lifestyle topic

The majority of respondents to last week’s online poll find food and wine the most interesting lifestyle topic.  

Of the 274 total respondents, 141 of them – 51.5 percent – liked the topic of food and wine over the other five choices, which included “other” in order to allow people to write in topics. 

“A daily need,” said one person. “A cultural assault on the senses,” said another. 

“Eating and drinking is my favorite pastime and the eating and drinking here in Cayman are extraordinary,” said someone else. 

“Because food and wine are fashionable, visually artistic and can be dramatic,” commented one respondent. “And music, of course, is the food of love.” “We all eat and many of us drink, so this one is easy,” said another person. 

“Dinner with friends is one of my favorite things to do,” noted someone else. 

“Yum,” quipped one person. 

The second most popular lifestyle topic with poll respondents was music, with 48 people – 17.5 percent – finding it the most interesting. 

“Music is life,” said one person. 

“For the mere fact that we can use the same words, formulated differently, and always can come up with something new and awesome,” said someone else.  

Another 28 people – 10.2 percent – thought visual arts was the most interesting lifestyle topic. 

“Fine art, performance, film … they all tell us stories to help us make sense of our lives or show us how to create new ones,” commented one person. 

Seventeen people – 6.2 percent – thought fashion the most interesting lifestyle topic, while another eight people – 2.9 percent – thought drama was the most interesting, although no one who chose those topics left comments. 

Thirty-two people – 11.7 percent – responded “other” to the question. 

“All of the above along with so much more,” said one person. “Life is meant to be a rich blending of the world around us woven into the expansion of our horizons, and this is done through so many ways. Go out and live!” 

A number of people mentioned sports as the most interesting lifestyle topic. 

“Football, cricket, tennis and golf,” said one person. 

“Playing and watching cricket,” said another. 

“Scuba diving and photography,” said someone else. 

Several people answered “travel” to the question.  

Other choices included the Bible, literature, cars, news and world history and the environment. 

“What about hobbies?” asked one person. “How do people like to spend their time when not working and fulfilling other obligations?” 

“Leading a healthy lifestyle, including lowering stress,” said someone else. 

Next week’s poll question 

Do you think North Side and East End should be given special treatment to ensure their historical electoral boundaries when it comes to adopting single-member constituencies? [Explain why in comments] 

  1. Yes, even if they are considerably smaller than the other districts. 
  2. No, all the constituencies should be the same size, even if it means combining the eastern districts. 
  3. I need more information to decide. 
  4. Cayman shouldn’t have single member constituencies. 
  5. Other 

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