Men saved from sinking boat

Police rescued two local men from a sinking boat in the early hours of Wednesday morning. 

The 911 Centre received a call from a vessel in distress and taking on water off the north coast of Grand Cayman at 11:23 p.m. Tuesday. 

The police service helicopter was deployed and after 10 minutes located a Panga-type canoe, with two people on board. The canoe was a half-mile outside the reef line, off Rum Point Drive.  

According to police, the boat was without power and seemed to be dead in the water and sinking. The rear of the vessel was completely submerged; the two occupants were in the bow. Neither man was injured. 

Guided by police helicopter lights, the Marine Unit in vessel Niven D removed the two men from the sinking vessel and transported them to shore, officials said.  

“This is an incident that could have easily been worse in consequence for the boat’s occupants, as the sea conditions were rough,” said a police spokesman. “Fortunately, with the timely use of the Air Operations Unit and the Marine Unit, the incident was brought to a swift and safe conclusion.” 

Oliver Frederick, the owner of the 27-foot boat, from which his brother Lorenzo and a friend were rescued, said he is extremely grateful for the police saving his brother and friend, but he was unhappy about getting no assistance to save his boat. 

“The police told me they save lives, they do not salvage boats.” Mr. Frederick said. 

Police have stated on previous occasions that when they have come to the rescue of boaters they do not carry out salvage operations.  

Mr. Frederick said his cousin and his boat crew later towed the boat to the Prospect Marina, where it remained semi-submerged on Thursday.  

He said he had recently bought the boat and the trip was a test run. At 11 p.m., his brother and friend left on the boat from Newlands, planning to take it to North Side, he said.  


A camera on board the police helicopter captured footage of marine police coming to the rescue of two boaters who got into difficulty off the north coast of Grand Cayman. – PHOTO: RCIPS


The canoe lies partly submerged at Propect Marina. – PHOTO: JEWEL LEVY

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