Online poll: Most not planning to leave Cayman on summer vacation

More than half the respondents to a online poll who live in the Cayman Islands are not planning to leave the country on vacation this summer. 

The 38.1 percent of people who said they planned on traveling abroad on vacation this year represented a number that is considerably lower than in previous years when similar polls were conducted. In July 2007, before the start of the financial crisis, 69.3 percent of the poll respondents said they were traveling abroad during the summer. In July 2011, 52.7 percent of those participating in the poll said they planned on visiting a country outside of the Cayman Islands during the summer. 

Still, the 128 people who said they would travel abroad this year represented the largest segment of respondents to this year’s poll. 

“I’m making a family visit in the U.S.” said one person. “I wish I could go somewhere else though.” 

“Visiting in-laws overseas,” said someone else. 

Seventy-eight people – 23.2 percent of the total respondents and 25.8 percent of those who indicated they lived in the Cayman Islands – said they were spending their summer vacation right here on Grand Cayman. 

“Staying home, sweet home!” said one person. 

“Staying here due to the high cost of airline tickets,” said someone else. 

“I love doing staycations,” said another person. “No flight hassles and the money I save on airfare I can spend on staying at the local resorts that all offer great deals during the summer. And I get to reconnect with my country.” 

“I’m staying up at Cayman Kai,” commented someone else. “So nice and quiet, far away from those … cruise ship tourists!” 

“I just don’t have the money to travel,” said another person. 

Another 77 people – 26.9 percent of the respondents living in the Cayman Islands – said they weren’t taking a summer vacation this year. 

“What’s a summer vacation?” asked one person. “I spend it right here working.” 

“I am far too busy,” said another. 

“I took a long weekend to New York, but not taking another trip until possibly Christmas,” said someone else. 

“I vacation all year because I live on Cayman Brac!” quipped one respondent. 

“I prefer winter vacations,” noted another. 

“I can’t afford it,” said someone else. “I’m Caymanian and the cost of living is too expensive.” 

Fifteen people – 5 percent of respondents living in the Cayman Islands – said they were traveling to the Sister Islands over the summer and 38 people – 11.3 percent of the total poll respondents – said they didn’t live in the Cayman Islands. One of those people planned to come to Cayman over the summer, and another one planned a visit later in the year. 

“I am spending it at The Wyndham Reef Resort,” said one respondent. 

“I’m not taking a summer vacation, but will visit Grand Cayman later in the fall,” said another. 

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