Faulty alarm system in China Village fire

An electrical fire Saturday morning damaged the interior of China Village in Plaza Venezia. Fire investigators say the fire alarm system did not work. 

Fire crews arrived at the George Town restaurant at about 7:45 a.m. following a 911 report. Investigators Saturday determined that the fire started from a computer and spread from there without an alarm system to alert emergency crews or the property manager. 

The owner and employees cleaning up from the fire Saturday afternoon declined to comment as they loaded a van with items from the store. The damage centered at the main entrance where the cashier’s booth was situated, and the fire spread from there, destroying the buffet area and part of the main dining room. On the far side of the room, tables sat still set for the expected Saturday lunch service. 

The smell of burning plastic was still heavy in the air around the building on North Sound Road on Saturday afternoon. 

The fire re-ignited once, while fire investigator James Bodden was still at the scene. Fire crews went back to the scene quickly and extinguished the rekindled flames. 

The Fire Service’s Tina Choy, in a release, said investigators required the property manager to put the plaza on 24-hour fire watch until the alarm system is back up and operational. 


An electrical fire that started in a computer caused extensive damage to China Village restaurant Saturday morning.

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