New airport road opens

A new stretch of road has opened connecting the airport directly to North Sound Road, bypassing Industrial Park. 

Plans for the short connector road were gazetted more than a decade ago. The work, which began in late May, was completed this month. 

A new mini-roundabout has been built outside the airport, along with a 2,000-foot stretch of new pavement linking up with Red Gate Road, close to the Water Authority headquarters. 

Edison Jackson, senior engineer with the National Roads Authority, said the new road would help improve traffic circulation within Industrial Park. 

“It is one of those projects that we had on the back burner for some time but did not have the funds to go ahead,” he said. 

The new road connects the airport to North Sound Road.

The new road connects the airport to North Sound Road. – PHOTO: JEWEL LEVY


  1. Finally. Congratulations on the opening of this connecting road which, as stated, will improve traffic movement in Industrial Park. I offer my congratulations because the project was on hold for ten years due to the lack of funds and now it has become a reality.