Electronics stolen from summer camp

A local summer camp program housed in the same building as the Meals on Wheels charity was hit by burglars overnight between Tuesday and Wednesday.

According to Rehoboth Summer Camps Program Director Beulah McField, the burglar, or burglars, broke in through a window and took two desktop computers belonging to the camp. Also taken was a Nintendo Wii game system that was used by the summer camp program attendees to play video games or watch Netflix.

Ms. McField said the desktop computers were several years old and the Wii system was older than that.

“The monetary value [taken in the burglary] wasn’t that great, but [the computers] meant a lot to our operation,” she said.

The desktop computers were used by the George Town area summer school and its associated after-school program to keep track of administrative records, but no financial details were kept on those computers, Ms. McField said.

Meals on Wheels, a charity that provides home-bound elderly residents with food, was hit by burglars several years ago, and they entered the same way this week.

“We put up plyboard to block the window they came in the last time and they broke through the board,” Ms. McField said.

The summer camp reported the incident to police, who were on scene investigating early Wednesday, Ms. McField said.


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