Dozens of Cuban migrants sent home

Cayman sent the vast majority of its remaining detained migrants home to Cuba, the Immigration Department reported.

A total of 49 migrants, who had arrived on Grand Cayman or Cayman Brac in June, were flown back to Havana Tuesday under police and immigration officers’ supervision.

The group consisted of migrants who arrived in four disparate groups between June 10-20.

Just three Cuban migrants remained in detention awaiting finalization of various processes with the Immigration Department.


  1. I wonder if the most recent establishment of diplomatic relations between the United States and Cuba will eventually reduce the "flow" of Cubans attempting to enter the Cayman Islands. This week Cuba reopened its Embassy in the United States, which was shattered for many years when diplomatic ties were severed between the two countries. The US will also reopen its Embassy in Havana in the very near future. We will see what impact this will have on Cubans who are eager to unlawfully enter the island.