Man charged with attempted murder of his ex-girlfriend

A man appeared in Summary Court on Thursday charged with the attempted murder of his ex-girlfriend and another man in West Bay last month.

Robert Aaron Crawford, 22, faces two counts of attempted murder and one count of possessing an unlicensed firearm.

Crown counsel Scott Wainwright told Magistrate Angelyn Hernandez that the charges were based on an incident that occurred after 5 a.m. on July 4, 2015, on Sunburst Lane in West Bay, where Crawford’s former girlfriend was at the home of a man with whom she may have been in a relationship.

The Crown says that Crawford had a loaded .38 Taurus revolver. He allegedly kicked in the door and proceeded to enter the home. On seeing the defendant, a young man who was in the bedroom closed the door. Crawford allegedly discharged the firearm four or five times.

A struggle ensued and Crawford sustained injuries from a knife kept at the premises. When an ambulance arrived with emergency medical technicians, Crawford was still there. A police report described the injuries as stab wounds to the head and chest, which required hospitalization for an extended period.

Mr. Wainwright said Crawford was interviewed this week and accepted that he went to the premises, but denied being armed. He said the firearm was produced by the man inside the premises.

Mr. Wainwright told the court that Crawford’s clothing was retained for gunshot residue testing.

At the time of the incident, Crawford was on bail for a firearm charge before the Grand Court. He had been wearing an electronic monitor and when he was taken to hospital it was discovered that the monitor was still around his ankle, but covered in foil.

Mr. Wainwright said Crawford accepted that he tampered with the monitor.

Crawford is also charged in connection with an incident involving the ex-girlfriend on July 1 along Northwest Point Road. He is accused of common assault, threatening to kill her, damaging her blouse and stealing her iPhone, which was valued at $500.

Defense attorney Guy Dilliway-Parry said he would not apply for bail until he received papers from the Crown, including witness statements.

The magistrate transmitted the three charges from the July 4 incident to Grand Court. Crawford was remanded in custody to appear there on Aug. 14.

The charges relating to the July 1 incident are still in Summary Court and will be mentioned on the same date.