Predators pounce on Panthers

There were some extremely one-sided games in week 6 of the Cayman Islands Flag Football Association’s Premier League on Saturday.

It saw four shut outs where teams held their opponents scoreless. One of them was by Island Heritage Predators who secured a 15-0 win over the No. 1 seeded Burger King Panthers.

The last time these teams matched up, the Panthers dished out an 18-6 beating which seemed to set the tone of the season.

However, it was evident the Predators they faced in week 1 was not the team that took the field on Saturday.

Playing with more composure and discipline, the Predators defense was too strong for the Panthers, who were led by Brandon Copico as their main quarterback in Glenn Duran’s absence.

Nabbing four interceptions out of the air, the Predators denied many of the passes Copico threw. One interception was run back for a touchdown to seal the game and add to the points from Jordan Cacho’s rushing touchdown earlier in the game.

The Predators are on a bye this Saturday, and the Panthers face off against the Maples Dolphins at 4:15 p.m.

The first women’s game was between the Crossfit 7Mile Scorpions and the Star 92.7 Sharks. Missing key players, the Sharks did their best to battle against the almost full roster of the Scorpions.

Both teams, eager for a win, battled back and forth on offense, but from early in the game it was evident that the Scorpions had the edge.

Nonetheless, the Sharks battled as Ivanna Powery stood out on defense as the team leader.

Diandra Bodden would lead the Scorpions defensively with Erica Bosch leading the way offensively. The game ended in a 13-0 victory for the Scorpions with Darrah Jervis featuring as one of their best players.

This Saturday the Sharks battle No. 1 seeded HSM at 2:15 p.m. and the Scorpions take on Maples at 3:15 p.m.

Maples women took the field against HSM and continued to show improvement. Despite the 46-0 loss, head coach Shawn Pitterson kept his head high and he worked tirelessly to coach his girls until the end.

“It’s not about winning and losing for us. It’s about getting better, and we’re doing that. The wins will come, I have no doubt,” said Pitterson.

Many in the flag community praise Pitterson’s dedication to the league and the number of new players that he has introduced to the sport.

“At the end of the day, that’s our profit,” said Maggie Ebanks. “Seeing new faces out here is definitely one of the best parts of working in this sport.”

Pitterson continued to shine on the men’s side as his Maples Dolphins played an exciting game against the Maples Knights.

In the Battle of the Maples, both teams took the field determined to win. The last time they met, the Dolphins breezed by 22-12 over the Knights.

However, the Knights, who were missing their QB Richard Campbell that weekend, knew they weren’t at full strength. This time Campbell took the field to lead his Knights into battle.

With the advantage going back and forth, Terry Ballard secured two touchdowns in the end zone off throws by Campbell.

Maples answered back with QB Chris Lebeau connecting with Deandre Simpson and Larue Nixon in the end zone.

Regular game time was not enough to decide the fate of this matchup and the game went into overtime.

The Knights had the first chance to score. After a denied attempt, Campbell took matters into his own hands and ran a touchdown in, to put the Knights six points up.

For the Dolphins, Lebeau, whose passes had been accurate the whole game, continued his excellent form and found Kwei General in the end zone for a touchdown and Fabio Gall to convert the extra point.

Dolphins won 20-19 in what was probably the game of the day.

The Knights face off against the No. 2 seeded Kensington Hellcats this Saturday at 1 p.m.

On the women’s side, the game that got the most attention was the matchup between the Killa B’zzz and the Anytime Fitness Wolverines.

Having yet to meet for the season, both teams were without a win the week before and were eager to change that sequence.

The majority of the first half was close. During the final minutes of the first half, Antoinette Thompson, who is the Wolverines main quarterback, secured a sack in the B’zzz end zone, which was deemed a safety and the Wolverines received their first two points of the game.

Kathy Miller and Nikki Ebanks stood out on defense for the Killa B’zzz as Miller recorded an interception of her own and Ebanks made two sacks.

However, defensively is not where the B’zzz struggled. Their offense conceded a touchdown for the Wolverines as Thompson caught a bobbled ball on the line of scrimmage and ran it back into the end zone for a touchdown.

Offensively, the Wolverines weren’t very active themselves, completing only a fraction of passes, but nonetheless they proved the point that defense wins games, and in this one, it definitely did.

After a completed extra point, the Wolverines won 9-0.

The Killa B’zzz face off this weekend against Maples Lynx at 12 noon and the Wolverines are on a bye.

The Cayman Islands Flag Football Association’s Summer Premier League continues this Saturday at Ed Bush at 12 noon.

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