Bush defends Nation Building program

In response to the recent Compass editorial on the auditor general’s report

The United Democratic Party remains an advocate for all people of the Cayman Islands regardless of creed, color, status or political affiliation. It is in that spirit through which the Nation Building Fund was created. Our objective was to promote increased specialties within our social infrastructure though the enhancement and rebuilding of our family through the sanctity of the church, which is our heritage; and the promotion of education for varying levels of ability, which is the only way to combat the social breakdown of our society.

As an established political party we welcome an audit of our activities at any time, as a mechanism through which to improve processes and streamline policies. We are in the process of reviewing the auditor general’s review of the Nation Building Programme and would like the public to have confidence in our commitment to filling in any gaps and responding to queries surrounding the report.

It is hoped that the audit was initiated with the spirit of community in effort to fairly depict a program that was implemented for the uplifting of our community and not as a weapon to personally target any member of the United Democratic Party or the party itself, which has happened in the past.

We make note of recent and highly controversial judicial proceedings, which highlighted an element of government whose practices are to target and ruin the reputations of certain Caymanians. Unfortunately, these acts occur under the watchful eye of very senior officials, who for whatever reason, partake in the systematic degradation of their own people or simply stand by as our country’s reputation becomes further tarnished locally and internationally, too nearsighted and detached to recognize the permanent damage to our dear islands, which is sadly becoming a known legacy for that particular regime.

To that end, we hope for a fair, objective, transparent and factual report, which should be, but we know has not been done to capture the experience and recollection of all administrative staff involved in the activities of the Nation Building Fund as well as the provision of fair commentary on the successes within the program.

Support for the churches is vital to our religious and social development and we believe the church must be a partnership in our development and must be supported. The United Democratic Party also remains committed to the success of all people in the Cayman Islands, through successful programs like the Nation Building Program, which helped those who are suffering in the community, some starving and homeless, while it simultaneously prepared many young Caymanians to improve social injustices through education. We commend the recipients who are our future, who are our Caymanians, who deserve a chance and sometimes even a second chance to succeed. We also congratulate those who were successful in the program and are committed to making a social difference throughout our beloved Cayman Islands.