Police describe robbery chase

A police officer described how he stumbled across the scene of an armed robbery in progress at Blackbeard’s liquor store at Grand Harbour shopping center. 

In a statement read to the Grand Court on Wednesday morning, Constable Hugh Cotterell said he was chatting with two woman selling Christmas trees outside Hurley’s supermarket when one of them spotted an armed man outside the neighboring store. 

“She was looking towards Blackbeard’s and stated she saw a man with a gun in his hand and a hoodie over his head,” the officer said in his statement. 

He said the woman saw the man get into a black Ford Escape. The officer jumped in his own car and pursued the vehicle before losing sight of it in Prospect. 

His statement was read into evidence on day two of the trial of Andrew Lopez, Bron Webb and Randy Connor, who have been charged with the December 2014 robbery. 

After losing sight of the getaway vehicle, the officer said he was advised by his superiors to return to the scene of the robbery and take statements. 

A second officer, Constante Aydoc of the armed Uniformed Support Group, who gave evidence in person on Tuesday, said he and his partner were sent to Prospect to search for the suspects. 

He said they were driving along Morningside Drive when they spotted a man peeking out from the inside of a home and noticed a black SUV parked in the driveway. 

He said the officers grabbed their weapons and were approaching the house from a neighboring property when he spotted a man coming out of a small side room heading toward the SUV. Officer Aydoc said he jumped a fence dividing the two homes and approached the man. His partner shouted “armed police” and instructed him to get on the ground, he said. 

Seconds later, the officer said, he spotted another man, moving in a crouching position from the small room to a second vehicle. He intercepted the man and instructed him to lie on the ground. 

The two men, later identified as Webb and Lopez, complied with the instructions. Aydoc said he then looked into the side room and found two other men, one of whom was later identified as Connor. 

More officers then arrived and took control of the scene, the officer said. 

The trial continues. For legal reasons, we are not accepting comments on this story.