Police warn against donation scams

Police are advising the public to exercise caution if approached on the street and asked to make a charitable donation. 

Police said they learned two weeks ago that children along the George Town waterfront may have solicited donations under false pretenses.  

The children carried documentation claiming the name of the organization they were seeking donations for was “Children of the Future.”  

A sign-up sheet included the contact name “Rosita Webb” and a phone number that is not in service.  

Witnesses also reported seeing an adult woman standing on the other side of the road, believed to be working with the children. 

The children were also seen asking for donations outside a hardware store last month in George Town and again at the West Shore Centre about a week ago. 

If approached and asked to donate to a school fundraiser, the RCIPS advise asking for the name of the school, the name of the student and parent, and to call the school to confirm whether a child by that name is a student. 

Check before giving 

If approached to donate to a charity, police advise the public to obtain the name of the charity and confirm that it is listed on the Cayman Islands Registry. Charities are categorized as businesses on the registry. 

RCIPS public relations officer Jacqueline Carpenter said the police service is not discouraging people from donating to charities or fundraisers, but reminding them to exercise caution in these situations. 

Ms. Carpenter said anyone who comes across a solicitation for donations that appears to be illegitimate should report the incident to the police.  

The RCIPS Financial Crime Unit can be reached at 649-8797. The Cayman Islands Registry can be searched at www.ciregistry.gov.ky.