Robbery defendants say they were elsewhere during heist

All three men on trial for the Dec. 17, 2014 robbery of Blackbeard’s liquor store in Grand Harbour claim they were elsewhere when the robbery was carried out, a court heard Monday. 

The interviews Andrew Lopez, Bron Webb and Randy Connor had with police were read to the 12-member jury on Monday. 

They are also charged with robbery of a customer in the store and possession of an unlicensed firearm on the same date. They have pleaded not guilty to all charges. 

In his interview, Lopez told officers he spent the afternoon of Dec. 17 with his girlfriend, driving around town. Around 5 p.m. they went to his house in Prospect, around 7 p.m. he took her home to West Bay and got back to his home before 8 p.m., he said. He was arrested shortly after. 

Lopez said his residence was a “hangout spot” for guys who would smoke, drink and play dominoes. He had a shed on the property with a lot of old clothes in it, which he used in his mechanic work. 

He said he knew nothing about a shotgun that police found in his attic, and he denied having any part in the robbery. 

Webb told police he had been helping change tires on his uncle’s car that day. After that he was bored, so he got on a bus and went to Lopez’s house, arriving before 6 p.m. He said he fell asleep at the house and was awakened by voices. He went to the door and saw Lopez being arrested. 

Asked why he tried to run from police, he said he was frightened they would shoot him. He denied any knowledge of the robbery or the shotgun that was found at the house. 

Connor told police he had been working on a car with another man about three houses away from where Lopez lived. After he finished, he walked toward the main road to get a ride to George Town. He saw Lopez and asked him for a phone call or a ride to town. Lopez said he could not give him a ride but could give him a phone call. 

Connor said he walked back to Lopez’s house. He did not ride in Lopez’s vehicle because he was smoking. When he got to the house, he saw Lopez face down with police armed units holding guns to his head. He said he did not know about the robbery.