Teen denied bail on robbery charge

West Bay grocery store was robbed on Wednesday

Michael Aaron Bush of Mount Pleasant, West Bay, appeared in Summary Court on Friday afternoon, charged with robbing a grocery store on North West Point Road two days earlier. 

Bush is 17 years, eight months old, and legally an adult. He did not have an attorney and no family member was present when Magistrate Valdis Foldats dealt with him. It is understood, however, that a social worker was present when Bush was interviewed by police. 

The magistrate asked if anyone in his family knew he was in court. The defendant said he had phoned his mother from the police station Thursday night. 

Details of the robbery charge are that he, together with another person, stole $645 from a named female at Deliza’s Grocery and Variety Store on North West Point Road on Sept. 9 and, at the time of doing so and in order to do so, put her in fear of being subjected to force. 

A second charge is that on Sept. 9 he had in his possession an imitation firearm with intent to commit an offense, namely robbery. 

The magistrate noted that no gun had been recovered. With nothing to identify, the firearm legally has to be considered an imitation. 

Since robbery is an offense that can be dealt with only in the Grand Court, the magistrate told Bush all he could do was transmit the file to the higher court. Because of Bush’s age, he asked Crown counsel Neil Kumar if the papers in the case could be ready by Sept. 18. Mr. Kumar said yes. 

The magistrate said he was not granting bail, but suggested that Bush fill out his application for legal aid as quickly as possible so that an attorney could help him possibly get an early bail hearing in front of a judge. 

Press releases from the police public relations officer said a 17-year-old male was arrested on Thursday in connection with the armed robbery the day before. The suspect was arrested after police recovered the scooter officers believed was used as the getaway vehicle for the robbery. 

Initial reports indicated two suspects were involved in the holdup, which occurred after 5 p.m. Police said one of the suspects was carrying what appeared to be a silver handgun. No one was injured. 

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