Breaks ignored to keep the flow

The Corona Sunday Beach Volleyball League commenced on Seven Mile Beach on Sunday and will last six weeks. 

There are 17 teams in three divisions, A, B and C, and games are played at noon and 2 p.m. The league is sponsored by Corona and coordinated by volunteers Kevin Solomon and Janine Martins under the supervision of the executive board. Weekly winners receive a bucket of Corona. 

This week’s highlight saw Ace of Beach and PwC neck-and-neck going into the finals with a marginal difference of just a few points. 

Players were so excited to play they did not want breaks in between games. 

Balls Deep had the widest score gap in a match, beating Sloppy Sets 21-6. Balls Deep and PwC had the closest match, with Balls Deep winning 21-19. PwC came out strong and had plenty of volleys lasting up to a minute. 

Balls Deep won the A division, Beaches be Crazy were B division winners and advanced into the A division, and Balls Up won the C category, advancing to the B division. 

The finals will be held on Oct. 18. and 

The beach volleyball league is on every Sunday.

The beach volleyball league is on every Sunday.

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