Police clamp down on North Side speeders

Police have issued 69 speeding tickets during weekend operations this month in North Side. 

Since Aug. 31 and up to early last week, as well as the speeding tickets, police have also issued 57 tickets for offenses including failing to wear seat belts, expired registration and/or no insurance and arrested three motorists on suspicion of driving under the influence. 

Police officers said that since the clampdown in the district had begun, they have been seeing a change in motorists’ behavior at weekends. 

According to Inspector Dwayne Jones, “we’re seeing less of the reckless behavior we encountered in early August.” 

During a series of community clinics the police held earlier this year, police heard from members of the public that they wanted to see increased traffic enforcement in the eastern districts, and in North Side specifically. 

“The RCIPS has responded with increased traffic operations over the summer and will begin other initiatives this fall,” police spokeswoman Jacqueline Carpenter said. 

PC Harvel Grant issues a ticket during a traffic stop on Rum Point Road. - PHOTO: RCIPS

PC Harvel Grant issues a ticket during a traffic stop on Rum Point Road. – PHOTO: RCIPS


  1. If the police want to see more reckless behaviour on the streets, it’s in their own back yard.I suggest they man a speed trap on Walkers road between 6 and 8.00am where every morning we have irresponsible (and very immature) motorcyclists winding up their high powered bikes in excess of 60mph.

  2. Thank God the police have successfully clamped down on these "knuckle-head" speedsters who selfishly don’t give a hoot about other users of the roads. Everyone knows that speed either kills, causes serious bodily injury, or damage to other vehicles. Yet they persist. I hope this will reduce the incidents of this reckless behavior on the roads.

  3. Maybe they should park off West Bay road and watch some of the idiots who overtake in the center lane going 50+ mph or catch some of the motorcycles who fly up and down at night. It’s one thing to crack down on speeders in North Side, but the likelihood of someone getting hurt is much smaller due to the sparse population and lack of traffic and pedestrians, but SMB can be like trying to navigate a race track.

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