Police chase ganja canoe off North side

A high-speed marine chase off North Side Sunday night ended with packages of ganja being thrown overboard and the suspects escaping.

According to police, four men came ashore on Sand Point Road around 10 p.m. The men were in a fast canoe when they were spotted by the crew of the Niven D. Marine Unit patrol boat.

The boat sped away and officers on the Niven D. saw the men tossing the wrapped packages overboard. Several of the packages were later recovered.

The canoe was found beached off Sand Point Road. The four men aboard had not been found by press time Monday.

Investigators from the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service Drugs and Serious Crime Task Force ask the public to call the Bodden Town Police Station on 947-2220 if they see anyone suspicious in the area.


  1. And we still want to complain about our Marine Office??, and cut them short?
    Obviously these people have faster boats and are very skilled. However, what that points out to us is, we either stop complaining about the marine office and support them fully. Or put up with the drug and gun running.

  2. Well done marine police. Hopefully all the drugs will be destroyed.

    Would it have been possible to have radioed ahead and had a ”welcoming committee" waiting for the drug smugglers on shore?

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