Man pistol whipped in street robbery

A man was struck in the head with the handle of a gun after being approached by four suspects wearing skull masks during a predawn robbery in central George Town on Wednesday, the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service reported.

The 52-year-old man was attacked around 2 a.m. on Middle Road, police said.

One of the suspects, who police said was armed with a handgun, demanded money and hit the man on the forehead with the handle of the weapon. The man’s wallet was taken in the robbery.

No arrests were immediately reported. The suspects fled toward Maple Road after taking the wallet, police said.


  1. Now that Cayman Islands has become the big country with over population, and want to over crowd even more to the point to where one is no longer safe to walk the streets. Now I wonder how government is going to fix this problem, or continue to let the pirates take over the Islands, or let people arm themselves to protect themselves, or put a new crime fighting force in place. I think if Government don’t take action on the crime issue and clean up the crime, there is going to be no way of life left to fit the atmosphere of beautiful Islands .

  2. I do hope that the entire citizenry will get behind the RCIPs and help in every way possible to clear out the vermin who are doing bad things in beloved Cayman.
    That goes for shady financial, real estate and other deals by high ranking people as well as powerful businesses and conglamerates.
    Of course I am saying that ordinary people (and not just citizens) should be doing what they can to alleviate the gang problems, as well as what are called petty crime. (oh, boy, I’m getting pretty long-winded here!! And the clock certainly cannot be turned back 50 years (and they were soooo pleasant) but, by gosh Cayman has got to work harder at being clean, after that it could attend to removing the sargasso mess.

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