Police arrest five in ATM scam

Police make arrests at hotel

Royal Cayman Islands Police Financial Crime Unit detectives arrested five people Tuesday in connection with reported fraud involving the use of local ATMs. 

The police said officers received reports from a local bank about the fraud Tuesday afternoon which led to the arrests at a hotel the same evening. 

The suspects, who were identified as three Romanian men, ages 27, 40 and 42, and a 22 year-old man from the U.K. were arrested on suspicion of theft and obtaining a money transfer by deception. The fifth suspect, a 26-year-old American, was also arrested on suspicion of theft and obtaining a money transfer by deception, and Police additionally suspected the American woman of possessing ganja. 

None were charged by press time, but all remained in police custody. 


  1. Got to give much praise and thanks to our bank employees for being very vigilant in their jobs; Because if they were not well trained and constantly on the look-out for such activities, the perpetrators would have gotten away with their plans; and Of course our police FCU to identify that a crime was being committed. People who do this usually come to the Island and scope out what they want to do prior, and become come friendly with staff to see how complacent they are. That is where it all begins, so imagine we have to now be cautious to even saying Hello.
    Three Romanian men and a 22 year old from the UK?, but aren’t they all the same people. Were not the UK generation the original the old time Romans who moved to England.

  2. Good job by the employees of the bank, and the police. I think that this is where that E scan,finger print machine that the Government do not have in place could help fight the crime. I sure these guys have a rap sheet, but because they see that their background is not checked out, is why they try to do the crime.

  3. Well done the police. And well done the sharp eyed bank employees who reported them.

    Let’s hope there is enough evidence for a solid conviction.

    And please folk, always be vigilant to cover the touch pad when you type in your PIN number and check the machine for possible tampering.

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