Ministry takes up auditor's challenge

After taking a verbal drubbing from Cayman’s auditor general for a number of years, at least one government ministry has responded – by following his advice.

The Ministry of Home Affairs on Tuesday published a full annual report along with its financial statements, detailing the activities of all of its various agencies during the 2014/15 budget year.

“The report is chock-full of information about the 10 agencies that comprise the ministry,” Chief Officer Eric Bush said. The ministry oversees the operations of most public safety agencies, including police, fire, prisons, 911 and hazard management.

Acting Auditor General Garnet Harrison said last week that the major problem for government entities in the annual reporting of financial statements is that they often do not explain what the numbers mean or put them in any context.

“Unlike the private sector, it’s not good enough just to say whether you made a profit or incurred a loss,” he said. “Public sector entities also need to explain what they did with the money.”

Mr. Bush said the 2014/15 annual report for the ministry was an attempt to do so.

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