Caymanian hired to manage operations at Cayman’s YMCA

First director of operations hired at charity

The YMCA of the Cayman Islands has hired Caymanian Gillian Roffey as its first director of operations. 

In the newly formed director of operations role, Ms. Roffey provides day-to-day management and oversight for the YMCA’s programs, finances, staff supervision and quality assurance. 

Ms. Roffey recently returned to the island after completing an MBA and graduating in the top of her class at Westminster Business School in London. Prior to graduate school, she graduated with honors from Temple University in the U.S. with a bachelor’s degree in human resources. She also gained experience in finance and human resources while working with Androgroup and Cayman National Bank. 

YMCA CEO Gregory Smith said Ms. Roffey immediately stood out during the hiring process. 

“Not just for her strong education and employment background, but for her character and conviction as to why she was pursuing this role,” he said. “It’s a rare person who accomplishes so much at an early age and then elects to bring those talents to serve her community as a career choice.” 

Ms. Roffey said she considered many of the available jobs for which her experience and education prepared her, and she struggled with the thought of climbing the corporate ladder. 

“I learned so much about myself while away at grad school, not just about my abilities, but about how I want to spend my days,” she said, noting that she considered the importance of youth needing good role models, improving the community and helping teach the value of good health. 

“Having a significant purpose and positive impact on my community; that is what I’m here to do,” she said. “When I see many of the challenges youth face, it can be scary. I think of my niece and nephew. This is my home, where I will one day raise my own children, and this role provides an opportunity to have a tremendous, positive influence.” 

As a result of the recent partnership with the Ministry of Education to operate the Extended After School Programme, Ms. Roffey will spend the majority of her early efforts working to improve the benefits and outcomes of the initiative, which reaches some 1,400 students on eight government school campuses. 

The YMCA, often referred to simply as “The Y,” was originally established in London, England in 1844, with a focus on providing safe and enriching activities for youth and families, rooted in Christian principles. It was officially formed as a nonprofit organization in the Cayman Islands in 2012 by a group of community volunteers. The Y strives to serve all people from a wide variety of backgrounds, with the primary goal of developing strong character values in young people and promoting healthy living. 

Ms. Roffey

Ms. Roffey


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