Did you know?

According to Cayman’s Economics and Statistics Office, Bodden Town is the second most populated district of the Cayman Islands, which has a total estimated population of 59,054.

In its Cayman Islands’ Labour Force Survey Report Spring 2015, the ESO population estimate for Bodden Town is 12,092, representing 20.5 percent of the Cayman Islands population.

This number does not include people in institutions, such as prisons and nursing homes.

With an average household size of 3.1, Bodden Town had an estimated 3,935 households representing 17.7 percent of Cayman’s households.

Bodden Town has 1,036 more women than men, with 6,564 (54.3 percent) women and 5,528 (45.7 percent) men.

The period between 1989 and 2010, Bodden Town was by far the fastest growing district in terms of population, increasing from 3,407 people in 1989 to 10,543 people in 2010, a growth of 209 percent, which amounts to an annual growth rate of about 5.5 percent.

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