Experts examine gun found in package of ganja

Three remain in custody on drug importation charge

Three men charged with conspiracy to import controlled drugs have been updated on the progress of an investigation into the presence of a gun in a package of ganja.

Leon Hydes, Marlon Crowe and Clebeland Powery appeared in Summary Court on Tuesday before Magistrate Valdis Foldats. Their appearance was via a video link with Northward Prison.

Powery’s attorney, John Furniss, explained that the men faced various charges concerning 197 pounds of ganja, but they were waiting to see what the Crown was doing about a gun that had been found concealed inside one of the packages.

He said fingerprints recovered did not implicate any one of the defendants.

Crown counsel Kenneth Ferguson advised the court that DNA test results were not yet available. A police officer present told him the testing would be fast-tracked, so Mr. Ferguson asked for another two weeks.

A press release from police issued Feb. 8 stated that the Joint Marine Unit vessel Guardian had come across a vessel drifting approximately 20 miles off East End on Feb. 4. Three men [the defendants] were on board along with a large amount of ganja.

“A firearm and 64 rounds of ammunition were also recovered,” the press release said.

The magistrate set Tuesday, March 1, for another mention. “There may or may not be other charges,” he noted.

Crowe is represented by attorney Crister Brady and Hydes by attorney Prathna Bodden.

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