Warning after dead stingray find

Stingray with hook in mouth discovered on South Sound beach

A stingray found dead on a South Sound beach with a hook in its mouth.

Environment enforcement officers once again warned that killing sharks and stingrays is now illegal in the Cayman Islands after a dead stingray was found on a South Sound beach.

The stingray had a hook in its mouth and appeared to have been clubbed to death with a blunt object – a common method used by anglers to kill their catch.

It was found last week by a member of the public on the beach close to Miss Lassie’s House.

Environment Officer Mark Orr said it appeared to have been caught, killed and discarded by fishermen.

Mr. Orr attended the scene with a researcher from the Cayman Shark Project who took measurements and other data for research purposes.

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Mr. Orr said, “They hadn’t even taken the hook out of its mouth. It’s against the law to take sharks or rays and if you catch them accidentally you are supposed to try to take the hook out or cut the line to let them go. It’s not that hard to do.”

Under the National Conservation Law, it is illegal to catch or kill stingrays.

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  1. With this kind of action and stupidity, do we understand why DOE is doing what they are doing to preserve the natural environment and resources , by this action I think that they should also make this area no fishing ozone too .

    I think that as citizens / residents of the Islands we have the same responsibility as DOE have to make sure of the survival of ocean resources.
    Remember that catch and release can also be done on shore fishing , that way we would know that there’s one more fish to catch tomorrow.

    But it is stupid to kill one fish and not eaten it , or not know that fish was ready to produce 100’s of other little fish . That’s why catch and release is the best way to fish , and if it is not possible to take the hook out of its mouth cut the line .