Making math fun at Savannah Primary

Year 3 students showed off their corn hole toss skills.

Savannah Primary held a school-wide Numeracy Day recently to support math skills. This year’s theme was “Math Masquerade.”

This cup tower proved to be great fun for the Year 2 students.
This cup tower proved to be great fun for the Year 2 students.

“As teachers, we wanted to help our students learn and adapt to new math skills,” said principal Carol Nyack. “Numeracy Day was an opportunity for Savannah Primary to join in promoting excellence in mathematics, teamwork, achieving goals, and school spirit.”

Students and teachers incorporated practical everyday math into games and various fun activities when the school held the event on Feb. 19. Ms. Nyack said that the students succeeded in developing their enthusiasm and appreciation for math.

“The intention was to show that mathis all around us, and to build the skills associated with what is known as subitizing or ‘instantly seeing how many,’ defined as the ability to quickly identify the number of items in a small set without counting,” she said.

With a strong relationship between subitizing skill and math achievement, building this ability in young learners is key.

“We were trying to show the students the importance and usefulness of math, that a number is not just a number but that it represents a certain quantity, and through a variety of indoor and outdoor activities help them build the skills that would allow them to guesstimate amounts and quantities,” Ms. Nyack said.

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