Police warn public over fraudulent fundraisers

A number of churches around Grand Cayman have reported individuals conducting fraudulent fundraisers supposedly on behalf of congregations in George Town and West Bay in recent weeks.

In late February, the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service received a complaint regarding one man going door-to-door in George Town soliciting donations on behalf of Calvary Baptist Church on Walkers Road.

Church elder Ian Goddard confirmed last week that this individual does not represent the church. “This has been going on for, I’d say, at least three to four weeks,” Mr. Goddard said. “He came in and asked even last Sunday [March 13] for the envelopes we put our tithes in.”

Mr. Goddard said he’s received reports of the same man appearing at Seven Mile Condos and in Savannah, allegedly soliciting for Calvary Baptist. “We just don’t want our name out there for that, we don’t want that kind of publicity.”

Police are investigating the church’s complaint. The suspect is described as a slim, light skinned male about 5’ 10” tall.

The RCIPS also received reports of a second man who was seen in the Coral Gables area of West Bay around the end of February. This man was soliciting donations on behalf of the Seventh-day Adventist Church, officers said.


  1. The churches have to make it clear to their congregation that this is not to be done. It is not only being done for churches, but are also being done around supermarkets and other business places. The public need to report persons they see doing this, and those persons need to be dealt with either by the church or the police, and not just a pat on the hand.

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